MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick & Cremeblend Blush Videos

Here are the video overviews of MAC’s Cremeblend Blushes and Sheen Supreme Lipsticks. After all these videos and collections, I’m due for a little break! Reviews of the MAC Jeanius items will be up tomorrow!

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7 Responses to MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick & Cremeblend Blush Videos

  1. Amanda "PegasusFeathers" says:

    I’d like the ‘Behiave Yourself’ but I just about know I’d leave mine somewhere to melt.

  2. Jessica says:

    When do these creme blushes come out?

  3. JennyJen813 says:

    Thank you for posting! I’m thinking my favorite out of these is the Gotta Dash! Was hoping I’d like the nude one, but I think it’s coming off too pale.

  4. Joanne Ku says:

    my favorite has to be full speed from looking at your swatches. ive been a a coral red/red lip craze lately!

  5. Joanne Ku says:

    this is my second comment for the naked giveaway 🙂

    i am sooo happy that mac came out with a line that specializes in this “sheen/shiny” lipstick. i love matte but i dont like putting lip gloss on at the top because it is sticky. i’m not a fan of frost/shimmery lipsticks so these are PERFECT for me 🙂

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