Beauty Lingo: “Foiling”

A technique used to give eye shadows an intense, metal-like effect. This effect is achieved by adding water or a mixing medium to the shadow.

You might hear people talking about “foiling” their eye shadows, but not know what that means. There are two main ways you can foil eye shadows:

1) Loose pigments: Take a small amount of the pigment and place it on a clean mixing surface like an artist’s palette. You could also use pressed shadows by scraping the surface of the shadow. Slowly add drops of water or mixing medium until you get a smooth paste-like consistency.

2) Pressed shadows: Pick up the shadow on a brush, then spray the brush with water or mixing medium. Try to avoid dipping the wet brush again into the pressed shadow; it may ruin the surface.

With either of these ways of foiling, make sure you apply an eye shadow primer before you apply the shadow. This will keep the shadow from sliding around or creasing and will help intensify the color.

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