Beauty Lingo: “YLBB”

abbreviation for
your lips but better

This is the first post in the “Beauty Lingo” line of posts. The inspiration for this particular post actually came from an Allura reader, who commented on the Peacocky Overview entry that one of the lip glosses I reviewed looked “like YLBB shade.” I have to admit, I wasn’t familiar with the acronym, so I went a looked it up.

The phrase “your lips but better” refers to lipsticks and lip glosses that usually fall in the nude color category and that are close to your personal lip color, but also give your a little “oomph.”

Thanks, Faerie, for providing the inspiration for this post!

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5 Responses to Beauty Lingo: “YLBB”

  1. I definitely know what you mean by this term! Sometimes, you just find that shade that is the same color as your lips….but better!

  2. Lisa B. says:

    I LOVE this term, I ran across it awhile ago and had to look it up then–it’s nice to have a reminder though. You probably haven’t had time, but you should definitely continue this series! When you have a chance, please define “holo” for nailpolish :).

  3. Faerie says:

    You’re welcome! And you made me blush just a little 🙂
    My own natural lip color is quite pigmented, sort of rosey-wine shade, so it’s surprisingly difficult for me to find MLBB-shades (my lips but better).

  4. maša says:

    interesting, now i know what kind of lipsticks i am looking for. 🙂

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