Charlotte Ronson Beauty

Release Date: September 2011
Availability: Sephora

Company’s Description

Inspired by the concept of effortless beauty, under any spotlight, The Charlotte Ronson Beauty collection products are created with Light Filter Technology™ to diffuse and filter light. Like your own personal “lighting guy,” these formulas automatically adjust to changing light, giving your skin radiance and flawlessness under any spotlight. Charlotte Ronson also collaborated with her celebrity friends and muses, like Nicole Richie, and sister, Samantha Ronson, to ensure products met the needs of a fast-paced lifestyle. They asked for it and she created it: portable packaging, buildable formulas and universal colors that are flirty and feminine with a decidedly downtown feel. Experience Charlotte Ronson Beauty, presented exclusively at Sephora.

Fashion “it” girl Charlotte Ronson is best known for combining her effortless sense of style with her chic downtown designs. Fun and trendy, though wearable, Charlotte is bringing the same sensibility to her new beauty collection. Inspired by her friends and family, the line takes direction from the different looks and lifestyles of her inner circle: there’s multi-tonal eye shadow palette for Nicole Richie; a weightless nonstick gloss for her DJ sister Samantha; a luminous light filtering powder for Rashida Jones. The entire collection is designed around her muses—their different routines and diverse beauty—appealing to a wide range of women who want to look pretty on-the-go, without trying too hard. Every product seamlessly transitions from day to night, and is especially portable and easy to use. Plus, the formulas are infused with light-adjusting technology so you look flawlessly radiant in every cast of light—no matter what spotlight you find yourself under.

3x a Charm Luminizer, Blush, Bronzer ($28.00)

  • It’s a whole new wardrobe for your cheeks: mix and match this trio of colors to create a range of looks. Each features LFT™ (Light Filter Technology) to automatically adjust its pigments based on your lighting. The result is the perfect glow under any light, day or night. Made with long-lasting, jet-milled talc, these three silky powders glide on evenly to create a natural, healthy-looking glow. Moisturizers and vitamins calm and soothe thirsty skin.

All Eye Need Eyeshadow Palette ($22.00)

  • Dani: Pink, plum, lavender, purple
  • Henrietta: Beige, peach, brown, dark brown
  • Nicole: Gold, brown, pink, dark brown
  • Drea: Beige, peach, blue, gray

A Perfect Kiss Lipgloss ($14.00)

  • Annabelle: Sheer red
  • Eleanor: Pearlized pink brown
  • Hilary: Shimmering plum
  • Samantha: Pale shimmery pink
  • Sophia: Creamy coral
  • Tessa: Shimmering blue-pink

A Perfect Mess Beach Hair ($20.00)

  • This styling spray helps you achieve Charlotte’s signature beach-chic tousled hairstyle. To develop waves and texture, spray it throughout wet or moist hair. Marine botanicals give hair bounce, flexibility, and long-lasting hold. Infused with LFT™ (Light Filter Technology), it delivers an unbeatable beach shine that automatically adjusts based on your lighting. Plus, its light scent is reminiscent of a perfect beach day—taking you back to summer, all year long.

Camo Clutch Makeup Bag ($28.00)

  • Designed for versatility, this camo clutch is small enough to fit in a handbag yet large enough to use as a purse for a night on the town.

Closer Finishing Powder ($20.00)

  • Get ready for your close-up with a finishing powder that neutralizes skin imperfections for a flawless complexion. Like your own personal lighting guy, this powder’s LFT™ (Light Filter Technology) has pigments that self-adjust based on your lighting. Available in just one shade, its translucent coverage adjusts to you and your complexion. The convenient brush dispenser is perfect for touch-ups when on the go.

A Summer’s Kiss Face & Body Glow ($18.00)

  • This weightless bronzer gives skin a shimmery, sun-kissed glow while evening and brightening the complexion. Like having your own personal lighting guy, its LFT™ (Light Filter Technology) adjusts to absorb and reflect light, creating exceptional glowing effects under any light. Enhanced with vitamins C and E, these ingredients help skin look luminous—never flat or dull. Its soothing and moisturizing formulation is oil-free.

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4 Responses to Charlotte Ronson Beauty

  1. Jillian says:

    Well, they are actually twins, and their brother Mark is a well-known dj and music producer. Also, Charlotte has had a clothing line for years- its nothing new

  2. Andrea says:

    I don’t know, I find this kind of strange. Why does she need to point out that she’s the sister of Samantha Ronson and is Samatha really famous for anything but dating Lindsay Lohan? If the line is done well, then ok, but I’m really skeptical.

  3. Tina Lane says:

    I never heard of the brand, but the products looks pretty. I hope to see your reviews 🙂

  4. Lisa B. says:

    I don’t even know who Charlotte Ronson is…so I’ve definitely never heard of this brand…not that that really means much–if the products are good, who cares? I’ll be looking out for swatches and reviews! 🙂

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