China Glaze Fall 2011 “Metro” Collection

Release Date: Fall 2011

Company’s Description

City living boasts excitement, a cool, edginess and confidence that oozes from fashion forward women like none other. City loving celebs like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Ivanka Trump, Rosario Dawson and Jaime King have style to spare and their fashion sense trickles down to everyone from working women to college kids. This Fall, China Glaze has captured the big city feel in 12 sexy, sophisticated shades that are on trend, exciting and will be on every fashion maven’s “must have” list. Whether you prefer downtown funk or uptown class, China Glaze’s METRO collection pulls together ensembles and will undoubtedly make heads turn!

The China Glaze METRO collection will be available in a “Downtown” 6 piece box collection (includes Skyscraper, Concrete Catwalk, Westside Warrior, Trendsetter, Loft-y Ambitions and Midtown Magic), an “Uptown” 6 piece box collection (includes CG in the City, Urban-Night, Traffic Jam, City Siren and Street Chic and Brownstone), a brand new, amazing 3D 12 piece counter display, a 36 piece rack display, and as open stock colors.

  • Skyscraper: A sparkling, glitter blue reminiscent of the sky over the city.
  • CG in the City: Glittering dusty purple, bronze and silver multi-tonal glitter, perfect for a pop of edge from West side to East side.
  • Urban-Night: Exactly what you need for a night on the town – rich purple crème.
  • Traffic Jam: Stop traffic with a breathtaking, raspberry pink crème.
  • City Siren: The perfect deep, red crème to match any outfit.
  • Loft-y Ambitions: Burgundy shimmer and cocktail hour – nothing better.
  • Brownstone: Burnt terracotta crème mirrors the quaint townhouses of the city.
  • Midtown Magic: Burgundy base with flecks of gold shimmer captures the latest fashion trend.
  • Street Chic: This gorgeous beige crème is the perfect go to shade letting your clothes do the talking.
  • Concrete Catwalk: Steel grey crème is amazing for a chic mani.
  • Westside Warrior: For the trendsetting woman this camo green crème is to die for.
  • Trendsetter: Mustard yellow shimmer translates beautifully from hot dogs to nails.


CG in the City


Traffic Jam

City Siren

Loft-y Ambitions


Midtown Magic

Street Chic

Concrete Catwalk

Westside Warrior


Uptown Set

Downtown Set
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6 Responses to China Glaze Fall 2011 “Metro” Collection

  1. T. says:

    I’m liking some of these.

  2. Wendy M. says:

    I’m definitely loving these colors for fall and definitely agree with the first commenter.
    Most of the colors I love are in the Uptown set but I really want Trendsetter, which is in the other pack. Maybe I can swap for it…

  3. Lisa B. says:

    Hm…for some reason Concrete Catwalk and Street Chic are calling to me…which is odd because I usually love shimmer, glitter, and purple (So Zoya Mimi is my favorite ever!)…but hey, I should try something new! Muted cremes …better for work, too, since I don’t feel comfortable wearing Mimi to work!

  4. Sarah Q says:

    I NEED to own CG in the city, but I don’t really want to buy the whole pack because its not likely I’d use all of them. Maybe I’ll buy it, and keep the CG for myself, and give the others away as gifts!

  5. Valerie C. says:

    I like a few of these, especially Urban Night and Loft-y Ambitions. I’ll be buying. Thanks for this post 🙂

  6. I like that as we’re moving further into the summer and closer to fall, this collection is offering sort of toned down, muter versions of the super bright traditional summer colors. I find that very interesting and think that offers a great transition into the fall colors that we’ll be seeing soon. Personally, I like the Concrete Catwalk because I have a thing for gray polishes, but never seem to buy them. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up picking this one up!

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