China Glaze Spring 2011 Collection “Anchors Away”

Release date: Currently Available
Availability:, Ulta

Company’s Description

Sail away this spring in 12 nautically-inspired colors from China Glaze. These bold and confident brights are reminiscent of a carefree natural getaway, with soft ethereal hues that inspire leisurely thoughts of sand and sea.

China Glaze’s “Anchors Away” collection will come with 12 new limited-edition shades:

  • Life Preserver: poppy crème
  • Hey Sailor: vibrant crème red
  • Ahoy!: intense pink that flashes with reflective glass speck
  • First Mate: rich navy crème
  • Starboard: playful green crème
  • Lighthouse: multi-dimensional, bright yellow glass speck
  • White Cap: sparkling multi-dimensional white
  • Pelican Gray: high shine, cool toned grey crème
  • Sea Spray: pale blue crème
  • Below Deck: mix of taupe and violet
  • Sunset Sail: peachy pink high shine crème
  • Knotty: micro-particle beige shimmer

Life Preserver, Hey Sailor, Ahoy!, First Mate, Starboard, Lighthouse

White Cap, Pelican Gray, Sea Spray, Below Deck, Sunset Sail, Knotty

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3 Responses to China Glaze Spring 2011 Collection “Anchors Away”

  1. I love the China Glaze Anchors Away collection. There are so many great colors to choose from. My favorite so far is sea spray, it is the perfect blue grey and complements so much. My next purchase is going to be Ahoy!, it looks like a great pink.

  2. maša says:

    those colours look awesome but i’ve never heard of this brand before. how is the quality?

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