Dior Mitzah Bricard Collection

Release date: April 2011
Availability: Dior counters & dior.com

This Spring, Dior will release a leopard-designed collection inspired by Mitzah Bricard–Christian Dior’s muse. Ms. Bricard was known for her love of animal prints. This collection includes an eye shadow palette and 2 nail varnishes.

Eye Couleurs Palette

    Animal print with camel, brown, and tan colors

Nail Lacquers ($21.00)

  • 912: ebony (limited edition)
  • 622: camel (limited edition)

Eye Shadow Palette

Nail Lacquers in 921 & 622
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4 Responses to Dior Mitzah Bricard Collection

  1. Bonnie C. says:

    I love the retro photos! 🙂 Especially combined with the current ones. I’m so interested to see what the three colors of the palette would look like when swept together, rather than each color used individually. Thanks for the preview! 🙂

  2. Emmy Sla says:

    cannot wait:)

  3. MarionneB says:

    Wow, what an absolute lemming. I love this collection, no, stand corrected… I NEED THIS COLLECTION! Do you know the price of the palette?

    Thanks for sharing.

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