FaceFront Intermix Collection

Release Date: June 15th, 2011
Availability: facefrontcosmetics.com and FaceFront.com.br (Brazil)

FaceFront’s newest collection “Intermix” will be releasing soon! This collection includes a new product: ShadowPlex Liquid Lustres. This product is marketed as a lightweight and easy-to-blend silicone-based liquid with ultra-refined duo-tone particles that transforms Artistic Pigments into an intense, multi-dimensional color.

This collection will also feature a limited edition “liquid lustre” finish on some of the Artistic Pigments. “Liquid Lustres are dry pigments, just like any other Artistic Pigment; however, once applied they have an effect of looking completely wet, while being absolutely dry. The effect is an intense, glamorous and glistening shadow.”

I will have a review of the items up soon, so stay tuned!

Artistic Pigments ($10.50)

  • Gear Box*
  • Snakespar
  • Meramint (permanent)
  • Radio Waves (permanent)
  • Jardín Surplus*
  • Laser Baby
  • Lion Bite*

* indicates liquid lustre finish

Mineralized Blush ($15.00)

  • Peek-A-Boo Peony
  • Sherberta

Cyber Gel ($9.50)

  • Meramint
  • Mango, Honey!

Shadowplex Liquid Lustres ($14.00)

  • Gold Tone
  • Bronze Tone
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  1. Lisa B. says:

    MMmm…looking forward to swatches of this one!

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