FaceFront Spring/Summer 2011 Collection “Ouro Fino”

Release date: March 2011
Availability: facefrontcosmetics.com

FaceFront Cosmetics will be releasing 4 bronzers, 5 pigments, 2 glosses, and 1 blush in its upcoming Spring/Summer collection. Entitled with the Portuguese phrase for “Fine Gold,” the collection will feature items infused with 24K Peruvian gold.

Items marked with a (*) do not have gold particles.

Artistic Pigments ($10.50 regular; $15.50 for gold-infused colors)

  • Octopus Ink* (semi-matte) (limited edition)
  • Shadow Keeper (steel) (limited edition)
  • Retro-Robotic Violeta (steel) (limited edition)
  • Nylon Garden (steel) (limited edition)
  • Amarela (steel) (limited edition)

Color Volume Blush ($15.00)

  • Rewrite Pink (steel) (limited edition)

Rocket Bronzers ($17.50)

  • Loco Cocoa* (matte) (limited edition)
  • Espelho (ultra-steel) (limited edition)
  • Third Kiss (steel) (limited edition)
  • Chocolate Ray (steel) (limited edition)

Color Volume Glosses ($15.50)

  • Chocolate Ray (steel) (limited edition)
  • Ouro Fino (steel) (limited edition)
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5 Responses to FaceFront Spring/Summer 2011 Collection “Ouro Fino”

  1. Leigha says:

    This is SO COOL! I love gold and I think it is amazing FaceFront is putting it in their makeup!! Can’t wait to wear this stuff!!! Keep surprising us! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Gabby says:

    Oooh yay ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the photography and the products sound cute, but also $$$

  3. Jaelle says:

    Looks amazing! They have had incredible bronzers in the past, so I can’t wait to see what this new collection looks like!

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