Giorgio Armani Madre Perla Collection

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Availability: Nordstrom

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An inspiring era… The elegance of the 30s is setting the tone for the season. Pure lines, sophisticated colours, luxurious details… Art Deco in all its glory with one of its iconic materials: Madre Perla. Madre Perla inlaid in a precious case, heralding a must-have product. Madre Perla, too, in Linda Cantello’s colour inspiration, with subtle reflections and iridescent effects.

“Like a 1930s’ boudoir… A touch of lacquer and patinated metals add a sophisticated feel to satiny, pearlescent tones. Delicate shades reminiscent of the silk lingerie of the time.” — Linda Cantello

Eyes to Kill Intense Silk Eyeshadow ($32.00) (Limited Edition)

    Giorgio Armani’s most spectacular shadow is revealed in a limited edition of three metallic shades subtly patinated: a gold, as an echo to antique gilt, a toned down silver plutonium, and an intermediate shade blending gold and silver. Thanks to Colorfil color matrix, these creamy, powder-free shadows adhere to the eyelid like a second skin, without ever fading or flaking. At the heart of their formula is a very high concentration of pigments captured in a supple polymer complex resistant to humidity and heat. The result: a vibrant film of colour, as if cast in metal, which stays true for 24 hours.

  • #17: Silver
  • #18: Gold
  • #19: Blended gold and silver

Madreperla Palette ($59.00) (Limited Edition)

    Irresistible… Inspired by Art Deco style, Giorgio Armani’s famous black case is decorated in real Madre Perla. Precision work done entirely by hand in the purest tradition of luxury craftsmanship. Utter refinement: a silver logo adorns this exclusive limited edition case, which just 3,000 women in the world will have the privilege of owning. Decidedly unique… Inside are found three luminous, satiny powders in sand, champagne and aqua. Silky shadows that skilfully combine a featherlight texture with radiant colour. Blended over the eye area, the three shades sculpt and illuminate the eyes. Lightly dabbed onto the facial contours, the sand and champagne tones catch the light to increase the radiance of the complexion. The Face & Eye Palette is also available in Giorgio Armani’s iconic black lacquer case.

  • Harmony 1 (Face and Eyes)
  • Harmony 2 (Eyes)

Gloss d’Armani ($28.00) (Limited Edition)

    A play of light and shade for the eyes… while the lips are adorned in vibrant lacquered shades. A real weave of colour, Gloss d’Armani offers comfortable, long-lasting hold, expressed in four limited edition shades: barely iridescent rosewood enhances the natural colour of the lips, while a velvety “amaranth” red and sienna intensely emphasise their shape. And an unexpected choice: a bold amethyst, which is vivid yet so translucent on application that it matches any skin tone.

  • Pink: Iridescent rosewood
  • Red: Velvety amaranth red
  • Brown: Sienna
  • Purple: Amethyst

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  1. Lisa B. says:

    Swatches of these have been showing up the last few days. Messy Wands has the palettes and a gloss, The Beauty Look Book has the palettes. I’m actually rather bored by the palettes. They look like beautiful highlighters, but they’re just not grabbing me. Bloomin’ Beauty has two of the ETKs. The sparkle of the ETKs is kinda tugging me though. 🙂
    Sorry–I don’t know if you mind me mentioning other blogs here? Or if you would want me to put links, as long as I’m mentioning them? :-p

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