Guerlain Summer 2011 Collection “Terracotta Inca”

Release date: March 27, 2011
Availability: Guerlain counters &

Sun or Terracotta? Guerlain’s Summer 2011 collection will include several exclusive products. The Terracotta powder claims to reproduce every shade of the sun to give a natural tan. The Terracotta skin is a hybrid “powder-light healthy glow foundation.” The Terracotta Serum is a tan booster and, last, the Jambes de Gazelle is a cooling bronzing mist that can be used on the legs and to enhance tanned skin.

Ombre Fusion Cream Eyeshadows

  • Bahia: pale pink
  • Havana: bronze
  • Maya: copper

Terracotta Khol Kajal

Terre Indigo Four Shade Eye Shadow

  • orange, blue, and two tones of brown over-sprayed with a gold shimmer

Terracotta Lipglosses

  • Mambo: coral
  • Tango: red

Terra Inca Sublime Radiant Powder

    Moisturizes and adds a long-lasting application every time. In the true fashion of one of the most prestigious fragrance and design houses in the world, the seamless coverage powder is fragranced with bergamot, mandarin and soft feminine notes of gardenia, jasmine and ylang-ylang play with an ultra-fine veil of honeysuckle.

Terracotta Skin

    The first Guerlain hybrid foundation, perfects the skin with the subtlety of a powder. It’s a lightweight, powdery fluid cream texture that perfects, corrects and evens out the skin, while illuminating it with a subtle glow. As a foundation, it blurs imperfections, smooths out fine lines and reduces the appearance of pores all while providing the glowing coverage of a Terracotta powder. How it works… the spherical soft-focus elastic powders help to diffuse light evenly on every part of the face, leaving the skin looking matte and velvety. Face-friendly waxes make the texture soft and easy to apply while an elastomer gel helps create a creamy and comfortable coverage. The volatile oils evaporate on application, leaving an undetectable “second skin” on the face. It comes in two beautiful shades to complement all skin tones.

Terracotta Serum

    The first Tan Booster concentrate with tan-accelerating action. It activates, intensifies and prolongs your tan exposure with natural ingredients taken from the carob tree which stimulates the natural production of melanin to trigger the natural tanning process. This product can [be] worn on its own, under a sunscreen or mixed with usual skincare creams. Combined with a cream, the Tan Booster concentrate stimulates melanin production, even after sun exposure, for natural tanning that resists fading. It offers no colouring effect or risks of streaks and is fragrance- free. Here’s a suggested regimen offered by Guerlain to use with the serum :

    Try adding to your day care and/or night care, as well as your body cream.

    -Add 2 drops to your usual face care product. Blend the two products together, then apply to the skin.

    -Add 4 drops to your usual body care product. Blend the two products together, then apply to the skin.

Terracotta Jambes de Gazelle

    Guerlain-invented first tan-accelerating cooling bronzing mist. An exciting new product to intensify, embellish and prolong a tan. Terracotta Jambes de Gazelle is also a skincare product. Invigorated with sweet orange extract, this mist also refreshes the legs. This quick-drying amber mist leaves the skin instantly and naturally golden, while warming up an existing tan. Note, as this is is not a self-tanner the product washes off with soap and water in one minute.

Terre Indigo Four Shade Eye Shadow

Terracotta Khol Kajal

Terracotta Lipglosses in Tango & Mambo
Ombre Fusion Cream Eyeshadows in Havana & Maya

Terra Inca Sublime Radiant Powder

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7 Responses to Guerlain Summer 2011 Collection “Terracotta Inca”

  1. Lisa B. says:

    Ooh…as much as I hate fragranced powders…or fragranced cosmetics in general…I have to admit, the description “fragranced with bergamot, mandarin and soft feminine notes of gardenia, jasmine and ylang-ylang play with an ultra-fine veil of honeysuckle.” is tempting! I can’t wait for some pictures!

  2. Lass King says:

    I am hoping the Bronzing mist will be an all over color for the body, something to replace the moisturizing bronzing gel from 2 years ago! I obviously didn’t buy enough of those! Looking forward to the face bronzer also, sounds like it is made for women a little older, as I am now turning out to be. So excited!

  3. Sonja says:

    Yet another lovely Terracotta collection! Can’t wait to see them in person!

  4. Susie Keczan says:

    I love Guerlain and those eye shadows and lip glosses look wonderful and I am interested in this foundation that I read about. Is it called Terracotta Skin ? The entire collection interest me ….uh oh ..:))

  5. DRTVRMoi says:

    I am a Guerlain devotee. If my green eyes can look half that lovely with those shadows, I will add them to my collection. Luv!!!!

  6. MarionneB says:

    *Gasp…. sóóóóóó pretty… And that cooling bronzing mist sounds deliciously refreshing, ‘sweet orange extract’? Can’t wait to smell it.

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