Illamasqua Skin Sketching Technique

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Skin Sketching is a technique that forms a fundamental element of each and every one of the Illamasqua School Of Make-Up Art courses and we wanted to introduce you to it through this great tutorial to illustrate the versatility of the Medium Pencils and a great approach to make-up application.

Ever since the 1940s, when Greta Garbo picked up her black pencil and created the iconic illusion of depth on her eye socket line for the Hollywood cameras, make-up users across the world have searched for the tools and technique to create that show-stopping moment.

Modern lives are bound in an endless chain of time constraints, practicality, and tiny clutch bags, which conspire to make the luxury of make-up application before, during or even after work an endless challenge.

Therefore, the Illamasqua School of Make-Up Art, a hub of unbridled creativity, has developed a simple yet brilliant solution to tick all the boxes of time, practicality and space saving – the Skin Sketching Technique.

The Secret of the Skin Sketching Technique:

1. Smudge Medium Pencil in ‘Vow’ (nude apricot) all over the eyelid to reduce redness and blemishes and create a soft nude base.

2. Draw Medium Pencil in ‘Flinch’ (soft charcoal) along your upper socket line and under the eye for definition.

3. Scrawl Medium Pencil in ‘Honour’ (rich brown) on the outer third of the eye and on your bottom waterline for sexy smokiness.

4. Blend the three colours together with Blending Brush I

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5 Responses to Illamasqua Skin Sketching Technique

  1. Lisa B. says:

    I really like the brightening effect of “Vex”–I really like putting highlighter in the inner corners of my eyes!

    I don’t know if I like this method for myself though…does it work for monolids? I guess it would be creating the illusion of a crease, period–instead of defining an ALREADY EXISTING crease/creating the illusion of a deeper crease?
    Do you usually try to go for that double eyelid look?

    • Allura says:

      I’m not sure what you mean by “double eyelid” look. I don’t have monolids, so I do have a crease which I’ll sometimes use a darker color to define.

      I think the sketching technique would work for monolids to crease the illusion of a crease.

      • Lisa B. says:

        I think I have a monolid, I have almost no crease at all, and very little lid space. But I guess for this look, you don’t NEED much lid space! (I kinda thought from your pictures that you had a monolid, but I looked again and I see your crease now. Sorry!)

  2. Tina Lane says:

    The look is so different. I love that mascara the person used. It’s so tiny and cute

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