Liv Tyler For Givenchy’s Démesure Audacious Lashes Mascara

Liv Tyler will be the new face for Givenchy’s launch of its new mascara “Démesure Audacious Lashes.”

Givenchy describes its new mascara as having “the world’s first 3D telescopic brush” and volumizing formula.

The mascara will be released in July and will come in 3 colors: Audacious Black, Audacious Brown, and Audacious Green (limited edition).

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4 Responses to Liv Tyler For Givenchy’s Démesure Audacious Lashes Mascara

  1. Tina Lane says:

    the wand looks so pretty!!!

  2. ValbonaPro says:

    Haha Lisa! I understand how you feel! Take it one step at a time and breathe! :)

  3. Lisa B. says:

    Wow…that product picture is really stunning…must…not…get…sucked…in…

  4. ValbonaPro says:

    She is beautiful and the product appears very interesting and something to give a try to.

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