Lorac Summer 2011 Collection “Touch Me, Tease Me, Tantalize Me”

Release Date: April 10, 2011
Availability: Sephora, Ulta, loraccosmetics.com

Check out Lorac’s new items for Summer 2011 and the Spring/Summer 2011 photoshoot video, below!

TANtalEYES Palette ($36.00; limited edition)

    LORAC TANtalizer Palette will have you sizzling all season long! Give your sex appeal a boost with 4 shimmering, mineral-infused, ultra-pigmented Baked Eye Shadows for long-lasting, sultry eyes and a travel size TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer for glowing skin that shines like the stars on the Red Carpet..

Hot Off the Red Carpet Collection ($36.00; limited edition)

    Get this season’s look Hot Off the Red Carpet with Carol Shaw’s sizzling collection of beauty must-haves: 2 exclusive color-coordinated, mineral-infused, shimmering Baked Eye Shadow Duos, an exclusive TANtalizer Baked Bronzer, a full size Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss in 3D and a Gold Blingy Bag that can double as your evening clutch..

selfTANTALIZER ($34.00)

    Get a gorgeous, golden Red Carpet tan instantly! LORAC selfTANtalizer Body Bronzing Gradual Self-Tanner is a unique two-in-one product that creates an immediate, bronze, transfer-resistant glow of a body makeup with the long-lasting tanning results of a gradual self-tanner. This easy to use self-tanning lotion contains DHA to safely build natural, rich color gradually and is infused with Camu Camu, Maracuja, and Pomegranate Seed Oils to help the skin appear smooth and healthy-looking wihle assisting the production of skin from free-radical damage. The luxurious vanilla fragrance willa waken your spirits with a sweetly seductive scent.

TANtalEYES Palette

Hot Off the Red Carpet Collection


Lorac Summer 2011 Collection
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2 Responses to Lorac Summer 2011 Collection “Touch Me, Tease Me, Tantalize Me”

  1. Vittoria says:

    i love the TANtalEYES Palette! those are my favorite kind of summer colors…earthy and shimmery!

  2. Deja says:

    This collection looks nice 🙂

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