MAC Flighty Collection Overview

MAC Flighty Collection

Release Date: May 5 in stores

Here is an overview of the MAC Flighty Collection.

This overview includes photographs and swatches. Reviews will be posted soon!

Company’s Description – Big Bounce Shadows

Eyes are fresh and luminescent with beautiful sheen washes of vibrant color using new Flighty Eye Shadows. This spongy, mousse-like eye shadow is lightweight, lasts for hours, and imparts a cooling sensation upon application.

MAC Flighty Big Bounce Shadows

MAC Flighty Big Bounce Shadow Ingredients

MAC Flighty Big Bounce Shadow Packaging

MAC Flighty Big Bounce Shadow Plastic Cover

The Cool Elite

Good Fortune

Reward Yourself

Impeccably Rich

Swatches: The Cool Elite, Good Fortune, Reward Yourself, Impeccably Rich

Sizzlin’ Diva


Free as Air

Spread the Wealth

Swatches: Sizzlin’ Diva, Trophy, Free as Air, Spread the Wealth

Extra Charged

Up the Ante!

Rich Thrills

Luxury Touch

Swatches: Extra Charged, Up the Ante!, Rich Thrills, Luxury Touch

Count Your Assets

My Next Indulgence

Rich, Sweet

Black Diamond

Swatches: Count Your Assets, My Next Indulgence, Rich Sweet, Black Diamond

Company’s Description – Zoom Lash

Major drama. Lasts all day. Creamy, velvety formula builds density and conditions. Feels light, supple. Ultra-sculpted brush has three-sided fibres to embrace and separate each lash, hugging every curve. Coats in one stroke from root to tip. No smudging.

MAC Fashion Flower Zoom Lash Mascaras

MAC Fashion Flower Zoom Lash Mascara Names

MAC Fashion Flower Zoom Lash Mascara Ingredients

High Esteem Applicator

Blue Charge Applicator

Plum Reserve Applicator

Green is Green Applicator

Zoom Lash Mascara Swatches: High Esteem, Blue Charge, Plum Reserve, Green is Green
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7 Responses to MAC Flighty Collection Overview

  1. kla505 says:

    Wow, this collection looks great.. too bad I can’t afford it 🙁

  2. tracy x says:

    This is so cool. I love MAC.

  3. deyna says:

    Wow. I know I don`t have money for M.A.C. right now but your photos look amazing and the shadows look so creamy i almost wish i could touch them.
    What camera do you use?

  4. Sarah Q says:

    These colours are absolutely gorgeous!

  5. TheElizabeth12395 says:

    Are the mascaras in the Fashion Flower collection or the Flighty collection?

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