MAC Wonder Woman Mascaras: Photos & Swatches

Wonder Woman Opulash Mascaras

Release Date: Feb. 10 in stores; currently available online at
Size: 11 g / 0.38 US oz
Price: $15.00

Update: Photos of mascara applied to eyes added.

Here is an overview of the 4 MAC Wonder Woman Opulash mascaras. This overview includes photographs and swatches. A review of the colors will be posted soon! Stay tuned for the YouTube video overview!

To see the original preview post for this collection, which includes official company photographs, go here.

Company’s Description – Mascara

A superhero mascara! Lashes go dense and dramatic with an anti-gravity high volume curled effect. Longwear, fighting-fit formula offers up to 15 hours of wimp-free wear. Courageously shaded. Bravely stylish! With colour matched casing and comic book-style carton this is WW-wonderful! Limited edition.

Wonder Woman Opulash Mascara Packaging

Wonder Woman Opulash Mascara Names

Wonder Woman Opulash Mascara Ingredients

Opulash in Bad, Bad, Black

Bad, Bad, Black Applied

Opulash in Themyscira

Themyscira Applied

Opulash in Victorious

Victorious Applied

Opulash in Army of Amazons

Army of Amazons Applied

Mascara Swatches in Bad Bad Black, Themyscira, Victorious, Army of Amazons
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2 Responses to MAC Wonder Woman Mascaras: Photos & Swatches

  1. Casey Becher says:

    Thanks for posting pics of the colors! I have blue eyes and I think the Themyscira would make them look even bluer.

  2. ferriz says:

    i love seeing what the colors look like. im scared of color mascara (reminds me of jr high) but the black one looks great. ill be honest, i want it for the packaging. who doesnt love wonder woman?

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