MAC Wonder Woman Pigments & Reflects Glitters: Photos & Swatches

Wonder Woman Pigments & Reflects Glitters

Release Date: Feb. 10 in stores; currently available online at
Size: 4.5 g / 0.15 oz
Price: $21.00

Here is an overview of the 2 MAC Wonder Woman pigments and 2 reflects glitters. This overview includes photographs and swatches. A review of the colors will be posted soon! Stay tuned for the YouTube video overview!

To see the original preview post for this collection, which includes official company photographs, go here.

Company’s Description – Pigments

With its powered up colour and unrivalled chic shine, Pigment is glamour’s true heroine. In this limited-edition presentation, shades Bright Fuchsia and Marine Ultra take on an iconic new look when Wonder Woman makes a guest appearance on the packaging!

Company’s Description – Reflects Glitters

Every girl can be Wonder Woman with these! Two brilliantly metallic shades of multi-dimensional Reflects Glitter that go all out to bring unbelievable sparkle to the skin! Special comic book-style outer carton affirms our passion for this superhero! Limited edition.

Wonder Woman Pigment Packaging

Wonder Woman Pigment Packaging

Wonder Woman Pigment & Reflects Glitter Names

Ingredients: Marine Ultra, Bright Fuchsia, Reflects Bronze, Reflects Pearl

Wonder Woman Pigments & Reflects Glitters

Pigment Swatches: Marine Ultra & Bright Fuchsia
Reflects Glitter Swatches: Reflects Bronze & Reflects Pearl
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5 Responses to MAC Wonder Woman Pigments & Reflects Glitters: Photos & Swatches

  1. Bonnie C. says:

    I’m not sure if I’m such a big fan of the packaging of this collection, and the red and blue pigments aren’t really my cup of tea, but the bronze and pearl glitters look really pretty! 🙂

  2. maša says:

    i love bright fuchsia, marine ultra is also a bit unusual. bronze is irresistible too but i doubt i could wear those colours often.

  3. Ainhoa says:

    it almost looks like it should be candy or play dough, cute packaging

  4. evilshedevil says:

    That bright fuchsia looks gorgeous! :O

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