Overview: Illamasqua Magenta Muse Collection

Here is an overview of Illamasqua’s Magenta Muse Collection!

You can purchase this collection at Sephora and Illamasqua stores.

Magenta Muse contains 6 nail colors, all of which go on smoothly and give you an opaque color with 1-2 coats. The most unique color is Jo’mina, which is an electric lilac. Illamasqua’s polishes have fantastic formulas, so if you’re going to pay $14 for any high-end nail polish, you should spend it on these.

The 2 lipsticks and 2 lip glosses are all great, wearable colors. Underworld lipstick is a very unique color that flashes violet shimmers. Test is also a great nude-colored lipstick. The formulation isn’t the creamiest, but you won’t have too much trouble with application. Both lip gloss colors are wearable for everyday and aren’t sticky.

Magenta Muse’s 2 blushes are bright colors that go on opaquely and have a not-too-powdery formula.

The Pure Pigment is a fantastic, multi-faceted color that flashes blue and silver. The Liquid Metal is a bronze/copper color that works great alone or as a base.

Cream Pigments in Dab and Mould are also included in this collection. Please see this review of the Cream Pigments. A review of the Precision Ink in Glister, included in this collection, is also reviewed here.

Overall, this is a great, wearable collection with a ton of pretty colors.

Final Grade

Magenta Muse Nail Polishes

Nail Polish Names

Muse Applied

Jo’mina Applied

Lament Applied

Nail Polish Names

DWS Applied

Scorn Applied

Poke Applied

Lipstick Packaging

Lipstick Names

Swatches: Underworld & Test

Lipstick in Underworld

Underworld Applied

Lipstick in Test

Test Applied

Sheer Lipgloss Names

Sheer Lipglosses in Electrify & Tantrum

Swatches: Electrify & Tantrum

Electrify Applied

Tantrum Applied

Magenta Muse Blush Names

Blushes in Hussy & Excite

Blush in Hussy

Blush in Hussy

Blush in Excite

Blush in Excite

Swatches: Hussy & Excite

Pure Pigment Name

Pure Pigment in Android

Android Swatch

Liquid Metal Name

Liquid Metal in Enrapture

Enrapture Swatch
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5 Responses to Overview: Illamasqua Magenta Muse Collection

  1. Tina Lane says:

    ooohhh!!! everything looks awesome. I love the blush swatches. They are perfect!!

  2. Janine says:

    Love Jo’mina and Scorn nail colors and Underworld lip color! Thanks for posting!

  3. Sarah says:

    Such beautiful colors!!!

  4. Lisa B. says:

    Ooh, I like Muse! Even though Poke is a purple shimmer…it’s not doing anything for me. Weird. Tantrum lipgloss looks awesome though–looks very dimensional and has depth! And I had forgottten all about Test lipstick…I know it was on my list of things to try at some point. Back on the list it goes!
    Android looks beautiful but I just can’t work with loose pigments…the`Liquid Metal texture appeals to me more.
    I really wish Sephora carried the whole line; there are a couple of eyeshadows I’ve been wanting to try (Geisha, Fallen, & Deity) but Sephora doesn’t have them. I tried CanCan and Courtesan but both were too powdery and sheer, color payoff wasn’t good…so it’s made me hesitant to try any more.

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