Glee & Sephora by OPI

Miss Bossy Pants, Slushied, Celibacy Club, Gleek Out, Sue vs. Shue, Express Yourself to Yourself

Price: varies
Release date: Feb. 2011 at Sephora stores &
Size: varies

According to WWD, next month, Sephora by OPI will come out with a Glee nail polish collection. You can get a sneak-peak of the collection on Feb. 8, when it will be featured on an episode of Glee.

And Glee fans can celebrate, because this will not be the only collection based on the hit TV show. Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and Sephora by OPI plan to release additional Glee nail polish sets in the future.

For now, the collection will contain 7 shades for $9.50 each:

  • Slushied: opaque blue
  • Hell to the No: bold purple
  • Gleek Out: glittery lime green
  • Diva-in-Training: poppy pink
  • Who Let the Dorks Out: peacock green
  • Miss Bossy Pants: rich raspberry
  • Mash-Up: pearlescent green-gray

Sephora will also have a mini set of six polishes for $22 that will include Miss Bossy Pants, Gleek Out and Slushied, along with three additional exclusive colors:

  • Celibacy Club: diamond topcoat
  • Express Yourself to Yourself: coral shimmer
  • Sue vs. Shue: navy blue

And that’s not all. Chic Prints for Nails Design Appliqués will be available in 3 Glee-inspired designs, available for $15 each. These are pre-cut nail patches that you apply over nail polish. The designs are:

  • Showstopper: gold stars
  • Berry Special: polka dots
  • One Hit Wonder: music notes

I can’t think of any other TV show pairing up with a makeup company in this manner. And, I have to admit, I have a soft-spot for Glee. So I’m quite curious to see this collection in stores.

Are you excited about this collaboration?

Mash-Up, Hell to the No, Who Let the Dorks Out, Diva-in-Training

Showstopper, Berry Special, One Hit Wonder

(Image Not Affiliated with Sephora by OPI)

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  1. Laurenn says:

    I loveee Glee

  2. Kiera says:

    i love glee &&& opi!

  3. Sarah says:

    I like the blue!

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