Illamasqua Valentine’s Day Collection “The Throb”

Release date: Jan. 17, 2011
Availability: Illamasqua stores,

Company’s Description

Feel your pulse quicken, your heart throbbing in your chest. These are Illamasqua’s latest offerings at the altar of beauty, guaranteed to make you gasp with pleasure.

Awaken your mouth’s erotic sensuality with the seductive red of Succubus Intense Lipgloss or enjoy the power of being an unashamedly brazen femme fatale with blood red Sangers Lipstick.

…and Scratch
Throb is a passionate red Nail Varnish, the colour of blood spilled by desperate, rejected lovers. Load is a rich, cream coating for the nails and Scorn’s midnight black matt finish is filled with contempt for the love of convention.

Illamasqua will soon be releasing 4 new shades, along with 1 re-promote nail polish shade for Valentine’s Day. The line consists mostly of the shade “blood red.”

Intense Lipgloss (£13.00; $20.46)

  • Succubus: blood red (limited edition)

Lipstick (£15.50; $24.40)

  • Sangers: blood red (limited edition)

Nail Varnish (£13.50; $21.25)

  • Load: rich cream (limited edition)
  • Scorn (matte): midnight black
  • Throb: blood red (limited edition)

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