YSL Spring 2011 Collection “Boheme Libertine”

Release date: Feb. 2011

Company’s Description

Do not be fooled by appearances. Look for the fire beneath the ice. She hides her wild bohemian side behind a mask of innocence. Delicateness of a bare shoulder. Seduction embodied by her every move. Pink worn next to the skin: carnal pink, passion pink, excitement pink. A touch of powder. Fluttering eyelashes. Stolen kisses. Artist of her own beauty, she is an Yves Saint Laurent woman. The color caresses her bare skin and illuminates her porcelain complexion: her cheekbones intensely flushed. Her lips kissed with in a vibrant pink petal. The intensity of her piercing eyes, heightened with graphic inky blues. Exquisite shades of shadow and light.

“After a rock and baroque themed winter, spring is back with a burst of fresh roses to flush the cheeks while enhancing the complexion with a seemingly innocent purity. Sensual full lips in bright pink or coral light up the face. A bold touch of eyeliner completes the look.”
— Lloyd Simmonds, YSL Makeup Artist

In its Spring 2011 collection, YSL goes full-force on the colors of spring–vibrant pinks, corals, and reds. YSL’s makeup artists Lloyd Simmons is the creative artists behind this collection and designed the Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks.

Palette Celebration ($65.00)

  • A versatile complexion highlighter and the ultimate beauty enhancer, Palette Celebration imparts a new radiance to the face for flawless skin. The powder peach shade diffuses light, producing a delicately satin-smooth glow that is 100% Couture. Wearablefor all complexions, apply it to the face, eyes, on the neckline and shoulders, any time for flawless looking skin.
  • Peach, Pink, and Nude colors (limited edition)

Creme de Blush ($38.00)

  • N° 1: velvety peach
  • N° 2: powdery rose
  • N° 3: silky praline
  • N° 5: temptation fuchsia
  • N° 6: passion red

Mascara Singulier ($30.00)

  • N° 6: deep plum

Ombre Solo ($30.00)

  • N° 15: gold leaf
  • N° 16: topaz blue

Golden Gloss ($30.00)

  • N° 40: golden impertinence
  • N° 41: golden insolence
  • N° 42: golden obsession
  • N° 43: golden irreverence

Ombre Solo eye shadows in N° 15 & N° 16

Mascara Singulier in N° 6

Creme de Blush in N° 1, N° 2, N° 3, N° 5, N° 6

Palette Celebration

Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks

Golden Glosses

La Laque Nail Polishes
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3 Responses to YSL Spring 2011 Collection “Boheme Libertine”

  1. Ambra M. says:

    The girl in the picture looks stunning!!
    I adore YSL, one of my favourite brands, and i loooove the name of the collection!
    I will try for sure the mascara (even if i usually wear it black) cause my eyes are so happy when I buy the Ysl mascaras! They never let me down!

  2. Nicole O. says:

    The creme blushes look fantastic!

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