Reveiw & Swatches: FaceFront Ouro Fino Blush & Bronzer

Color Volume Blush in Re-Write Pink & Rocket Bronzer in Third Kiss

FaceFront’s Ouro Fino collection contains 1 blush and 4 bronzers. This review covers the blush in Re-Write Pink and the bronzer in Third Kiss.

Please see this post for more photos and swatches.

Company’s Description — Blush

Mineralized Blush is a high-performance, sweat resistant, long-wearing, color-true formula that is fabulous enough for everyday use, but even better for professional make-up artistry. The finely milled loose powder is made from an imported genuine, Cruelty-Free Peace Silk Complex for a soft comfortable wear, while our high-color concentrates allow for use on all skin color types and tones.

Company’s Description — Bronzer

Rocket Bronzer: Radiant, Healthy Skin in a Flash! Rocket Bronzer has been formulated to give you an all-day, all night sweat resistant wear while giving you beautiful color payoff which looks natural and healthy. The finely milled loose powder is made from an imported genuine, Cruelty-Free Peace Silk Complex for a soft comfortable wear, while our high-color concentrates allow for use on all skin color types and tones.

Packaging: 8.75/10

These powders come in plastic jars that have twist-off tops and sifters inside. The packaging is lightweight and the tops fit securely, making these good for putting in your makeup case.

Loose powders are inevitably more messy than pressed powders, but the holes in the sifters are the right size so that you don’t get too much powder going everywhere.

Each jar lid has a clear plastic sticker on it displaying the company’s logo. I would prefer the logo to be printed directly onto the jar. But this preference is minor, and given that FaceFront is a newly re-vamped company, I expect that the packaging designs will change and improve over time.

Quality: 9/10

Both the bronzer and blush have beautiful gold shimmers in them. The shimmers are infused 24K Peruvian gold nano-particles. The gold shimmers are finely milled and won’t be obvious or overwhelming on your skin. If you look closely, you will be able to see them.

Re-Write Pink is a bright, bubbly, coral pink color. The powder has great pigmentation, but because it is a loose powder, you can control how much color you apply, allowing you to get a subtle pink color or bold, bright color depending on your preference.

Because of the shimmers, the bronzers in this collection aren’t appropriate to use for contouring. Instead, they are good for using all over the cheeks and forehead to give your face color. Third Kiss is the lightest bronzer in the collection and is appropriate for light skin tones. The color is a neutral-to-cool brown, which is key to avoiding an orange-y fake-tan effect on the skin.

Ease of Use: 9/10

I strongly suggest using a stippling (aka duo-fiber) brush to apply these powders. A stippling brush keeps the application light, allowing you to build color gradually with as many layers as you want.

Application is the same as with other loose powders: just tap the jar while it’s still closed to get powder into the top part of the jar, dip in your brush, swirl the brush around in the cap, and apply.

Applying these products won’t be as simple as applying pressed powders, but that’s the nature of application when you’re working with loose minerals.

Price: 9/10

The bronzers are $17.50 each while the blush is $15.00. I’m not sure why there is a price difference, since you get 9 g of product in both the bronzers and blushes.

Regardless, you are getting a lot of product for the price you’re paying. For comparison, Bare Escentuals blushes give you 0.85 g of product for $18. You are getting more than 10 times the amount of product for less money. Everyday Minerals blushes have 5.5 g of product and are $9 each. So, you are paying $1.66 per gram for the FaceFront blushes and $1.94 per gram for the bronzers, compared to $1.63 per gram for EM blushes.


Toss if: you want a matte blush/bronzer
Try if: you usually wear powders with silver shimmers–gold shimmers can give your skin a lovely warmth, especially for summer
Buy if: you want a coral-pink blush or all-over bronzer appropriate for summer

Re-Write Pink Applied

Third Kiss Applied to the Cheeks & Temples

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  1. Lisa B. says:

    Wow, you make everything look so nice! I just can’t decide if loose powders are worth the trouble or not…I’m not very patient. 🙂

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