Review & Swatches: Dior DiorShow 360 Mascara

DiorShow 360 Mascara

Price: $36
Availability: Sephora,
Size: 0.33 oz

Company’s Description

This professional mascara mimics a makeup artist’s application technique for a perfect 360-degree lash-styling effect. Featuring a patented double-helix brush with extra-smooth fibers and a sculptable wax formula, this mascara features a spinning brush that rotates in both directions to adapt to every need, whether you’re left- or right-handed or you want to pump up upper or lower lashes.

DiorShow 360 is Dior’s latest mascara. It has a battery-powered spinning brush that rotates in both directions.

Packaging: 9.5/10
This mascara comes in a reflective black and silver plastic tube. The packaging, typical of this high-end brand, is very luxurious. The tube is noticeably heavier than other mascara tubes due to the battery in the top.

The wand is also very fancy–it’s in the shape of a double helix and has a design that reminds me of lace.

Quality: 9/10
When I first learned of this mascara, I thought it was gimmicky: you can easily twirl a mascara brush yourself, so why do you need a mascara that does it automatically?

I still do think the spinning brush is unnecessary, but the mascara works well, regardless. When you take the wand out of the tube, there is a lot of mascara built up on the end, due to the design of the brush. Surprisingly, though, this mascara doesn’t clump. The mascara is excellent for lengthening and also gives good volume. You don’t get more dramatic result by using the spinning feature than you do by using this product like you would other mascaras.

Ease of Use: 9/10
The brush is a good size and design for getting a clean, dramatic effect. Using the spinning feature is also simple. The silver part of the top twists, activating the spinning feature.

Price: 7.5/10
Even for a high-end mascara, this product is expensive. That said, it’s expected that you’d have to pay more for the battery-powered spinning feature. For comparison, Lancome’s Ôscillation Vibrating Infinite Mascara is $34 and is also battery-powered.

The spinning feature really isn’t necessary, though, so paying extra for it is a little excessive.

Toss if: you’re not interesting in paying more for the automatic spinning
Try if: you have trouble getting your lower lashes–this mascara might help because you won’t need to manually move the brush on your lower lashes
Buy if: you want a dramatic effect and don’t mind paying for the spinning feature

DiorShow 360 Box

DiorShow 360 Box

DiorShow 360 Box (inside)

DiorShow 360 Mascara

DiorShow 360 Mascara Applied
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  1. Jackie says:

    How many coats are you wearing?

  2. Ambra M. says:

    the packaging is amaziiing!!!!

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