Review & Swatches: Everyday Minerals Shadow in Still Moments

Everyday Minerals Eye Shadow in Still Moments

This is a review for Everyday Mineral’s eye shadow pigment in Still Moments. This shadow is currently available for $5.50 on

Packaging: 9/10

EM eye shadows come in plastic jars with twist-off tops. Inside, there is a sifter with 3 holes to allow you to loosen some of the pigment into the top part of the jar.

Quality: 9/10

Still Moments is a grey, silver color with tons of silver sparkles in it.

I have countless pigments from EM and am almost always impressed with them. This shadow is no exception. It is very smooth and glides onto the skin evenly. The color is pigmented and you can layer it on to get an opaque finish or blend it out for a more transparent color.

With an eye shadow base, the color will last all day.

Ease of Use: 9/10

Tap the jar a few times while the lid is still on to dislodge some of the powder into the top of the jar. Make sure to apply over an eye shadow primer.

Price: 10/10

This shadow is currently being sold for $5.50, but is usually $7.00 and gives you 2.5 g of product. For comparison, Bare Escentuals eye shadows give you 0.57 g of product for $13. Of all the mineral makeup companies I’ve found, EM has the best prices for the quality of its shadows.

Final Grade


Toss if: you want a matte shadow
Try if: you like Bare Escentuals shadows but don’t like the price
Buy if: you want a great mineral shadow for a great price

Everyday Minerals Shadow Packaging

Everyday Minerals Shadow in Still Moments

Still Moments Swatches: Layered (Left) & Blended (Right)

Still Moments Applied, Layered

Still Moments Applied, Blended

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  1. Deja says:

    That shade look very nice on you 🙂

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