Review & Swatches: FaceFront Feelin’ Beachy Set

Cyber Gel in Painter’s Blue, Mineralized Blush in Kept Coral, Artistic Pigment in Bold Gold

This is a review for FaceFront’s new Summer Feelin’ Beachy set. Normally, this set is $35.00, but is being sold for $28.50 for a limited time. The set includes 3 items: Cyber Gel in Painter’s Blue, Artistic Pigment in Bold Gold, and Mineralized Blush in Kept Coral. These colors will be part of the permanent line.

Packaging: 9.5

FaceFront’s powders come in plastic jars that have twist-off tops and sifters inside. The packaging is lightweight and the tops fit securely, making these good for putting in your makeup case.

Loose powders are inevitably more messy than pressed powders, but the holes in the sifters are the right size so that you don’t get too much powder going everywhere.


Cyber Gel: 9/10

This Cyber Gel in Painter’s Blue is a beautiful, vibrant, deep-pool blue. It also has silver shimmers.

The formula is not as creamy as the other liners I’ve tried from FaceFront, which is actually a positive: the liner is not smudge-proof or waterproof, but it is more smudge-resistant than the Cyber Gel liners from FaceFront’s previous Lust Quest collection.

The liner applies fairly smoothly and gives off a vibrant color with 2 layers. This blue is a great summer color.

Artistic Pigment: 9.5/10

Bold Gold is a shimmery gold color. The finish isn’t dense–it’s closer to a gold glitter than an opaque pigment.

You can use this pigment wet or dry. You’ll get a more intense finish if you dampen your brush before picking up the pigment.

The shimmers are very, very pretty. You will get a little bit of fallout, but nothing unmanageable.

This is a another beautiful color for Summer.

Mineralized Blush: 9/10

This is a sparkly coral color. It applies evenly and sheerly with 1 layer and an intense peach/coral with several layers.

The shimmers are very subtle if you use only 1 layer and intensify with more layers.

Coral is always a good shade for Summer.

Ease of Use: 9/10

Cyber Gel

You’ll find this color to be dryer than the other Cyber Gels, which helps you have more control over application. You’ll want to use 2 or more layers to get an opaque finish. You can also use this as an eye shadow base.

Take a pointed liner brush to apply or flatter, small brush if you want to use it as a shadow base.

Artistic Pigment

You can use this pigment both wet and dry. It goes on smoothly, can be layered, and blends easily.

Applying these products won’t be as simple as applying pressed shadows, but that’s the nature of application when you’re working with loose powders.

Mineralized Blush

Application is the same as with other loose powders: just tap the jar while it’s still closed to get powder into the top part of the jar, dip in your brush, swirl the brush around in the cap, and apply. Use a fluffy face brush.

Price: 9.25

Given what each of these items costs individually, the value of this set is $35. Currently, the set is being sold for $28.50. This is a good price for 3 quality products.

Extra Credit: 0.25

The great thing about this set is that the items go well together. It often seems like companies throw together random colors and call it a “set” without much cohesion between products. FaceFront’s Feelin’ Beachy Set includes items that are worth buying both on their own and as a trio for one cohesive look.


Toss if: you want neutral colors or the freedom to choose individual products
Buy if: you want a great deal on summer colors that go well together

Feelin’ Beachy Set

Cyber Gel in Painter’s Blue

Painter’s Blue Swatched

Painter’s Blue Applied

Artistic Pigment in Bold Gold

Bold Gold Swatched: Dry (Left) & Wet (Right)

Bold Gold Applied: Dry Through Crease & Wet on Lids

Mineralized Blush in Kept Coral

Kept Coral Swatched

Kept Coral Applied
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5 Responses to Review & Swatches: FaceFront Feelin’ Beachy Set

  1. Tina Lane says:

    YAY a review, but WOW. I really like the products. They are so nice and pigmented. I usually don’t like colored eyeliner, but the blue is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Lisa B. says:

    Ooh, I like the coral blush, it looks so warm and summery! And the blue is just stunning! You make me want to try this despite my aversion to loose things!

  3. ValbonaPro says:

    I love the blue too! And you look beautiful as usual! You have this “classy” look.

  4. Amber says:

    This is great! Those colors are so summery and it looks like they really compliment each other!!

  5. maša says:

    blue looks amazing!

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