Review & Swatches: FaceFront Intermix Artistic Pigments

FaceFront Intermix Artistic Pigments

FaceFront’s Intermix collection contains 7 Artistic Pigments: Gear Box, Snakespar, Meramint, Radio Waves, Jardín Surplus, Laser Baby, and Lion Bite. They cost $10.50 each.

  • Gear Box: bright, neon-inspired white/silver with multi-chromatic blue/teal undertones (liquid lustre)
  • Snakespar: complicated, yet enchanting blue/purple with soft red tones (steel)
  • Meramint: classic, bright, cool minty green (pewter) (permanent)
  • Radio Waves: deep, rich and romantic violet (steel) (permanent)
  • Jardín Surplus: bright, neon-inspired blend of minty green and bright yellow citrus (liquid lustre)
  • Laser Baby: bright neon-pink with a glowing silver/white sparkle (steel)
  • Lion Bite: bright, neon-inspired yellow/orange with sparks of silver, blue and white (liquid lustre)

All pictures show the pigments swatched dry and over primer. To see what the pigments look like mixed with FaceFront’s ShadowPlex Liquid Lustre, see this post.

Company’s Description

For a color-true experience, use the best. These highly pigmented loose mineral eye shadows are not only recognized by the industry’s best make-up artists, but also a customer favorite. Versatile enough to use all over face for contouring and special effects, but specially formulated for eyes. Create beautiful looks with this make-up artist must-have. From delicate day looks, guide and mold your creativity to create bold, energetic creations perfect for night life, stage, or screen. May be used wet or dry.

Packaging: 9.25/10

These powders come in plastic jars that have twist-off tops and sifters inside. The packaging is lightweight and the tops fit securely, making these good for putting in your makeup case. Unlike the normal FaceFront packaging, these display a bright pink background with a silver stripe across the name label on the bottom of the jar.

Quality: 9.75/10

These shadows are, across the board, intensely pigmented, apply smoothly and evenly, and are very shimmery. The 3 liquid lustre finishes give off a metallic finish.

Laser Baby is an extremely bright, neon pink color that looks great on the lips. Remember that it’s not suitable for use in the eye area, so keep your use of this color to the lips and face.

The stand-out color, in my opinion, is Snakespar. It’s a duo-tone color with a purple base that flashes blue.

Ease of Use: 9.25/10

You can use these pigments both wet and dry. They go on smoothly, can be layered, and blend easily.

Price: 9.5/10

The pigments are $10.50 each and contain 5g of product. For comparison, Bare Escentuals eye shadows give you 0.57 g of product for $13. You are getting 10 times the amount of product for less with the FaceFront pigments. Everyday Minerals shadows have 2.5 g of product and are $7 each.

Also notable is that the Ouro Fino pigments are the same size, but cost $15.50 each. So you’re getting a great deal with the pigments from this collection.


Toss if: you don’t want shimmery colors
Try if: you like intensely colored shadows and want to venture into loose pigments
Buy if: you want shimmery, pigmented shadows that can be used wet and dry

Intermix Artistic Pigments

Intermix Artistic Pigments

Artistic Pigment Names

Radio Waves


Lion Bite

Laser Baby

Jardin Surplus

Gear Box


Pigment Row 1 Swatches

Pigment Row 2 Swatches

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