Review & Swatches: FaceFront Intermix ShadowPlex Liquid Lustre

FaceFront Intermix ShadowPlex Liquid Lustre

FaceFront’s Intermix collection contains 2 ShadowPlex Liquid Lustres: Gold Tone and Bronze Tone. They cost $14.00 each. This review is for the color Gold Tone.

  • Gold Tone: bright platinum/brick gold metallic gold with slight green duo-tone
  • Bronze Tone: rich medium bronze with warm red/orange undertones and slight blue duo-tone
  • Company’s Description

    Transform cheeks and eyes into fabulously radiant and duo-chromatic art with ShadowPLEX liquid lustres. Use a small amount to contour cheeks for a radiant glow. Ready for more? Go the distance and use it on-top of any Artistic Pigment to transform your eye shadow. Or, get creative and mix it with any Artistic Pigment to make a glistening, duo-chromatic eye look. The possibilities are nearly endless with this new highly versatile formula.

    Packaging: 9/10

    This product comes in a small, plastic, squeezy bottle that has a drip opening.

    Quality: 7.75/10

    Gold Tone is a clear liquid that contains tiny gold shimmers. Alone, the effect is very subtle and when mixed in with other pigments, it gives off an even subtler gold shimmer.

    You can either mix this product in with a loose pigment and then apply it, or pat the liquid on top of already-applied shadow. I think mixing the product and then applying gives a more effective result. But with either method, the effect is subtle. I didn’t see any “duochrome” effect. Instead, the shadow looks more like a cream/gel than a powder.

    Ease of Use: 8.25/10

    You can either mix the liquid with the loose powder or pat it on top of a shadow. If you mix, make sure not to use too much of the ShadowPlex to avoid losing the intensity of the pigment in the shadow. If you apply it on top of the shadow, make sure to do it gently so as not to lift the underlying pigment off of the skin. Also remember to shake up the bottle before you use the product to distribute the shimmers throughout the liquid.

    Price: 7.5/10

    You pay $14.00 for 6 ml of product. For comparison, MAC’s Mixing Medium Eyeliner costs $12.00 and contains 10 ml of product. As you can probably tell by the size of the tube, you get a very small amount of product. The price is disproportionate to the amount of product.


    This product is a bit difficult to use and its effect is very subtle. Given these characteristics, the price you pay for the product isn’t really justified.

    Toss if: you want a duo-chrome finish
    Buy if: you want a product to transform your loose shadows into liners or for use on the lips

    ShadowPlex Liquid Lustre in Gold Tone

    ShadowPlex Liquid Lustre

    ShadowPlex Liquid Lustre in Gold Tone Swatched

    Pigment Row 1 Swatches–Without Liquid Lustre

    Pigment Row 1 Swatches–Liquid Lustre Mixed

    Pigment Row 1 Swatches–Liquid Lustre Applied on Top

    Pigment Row 2 Swatches–Without Liquid Lustre

    Pigment Row 2 Swatches–Liquid Lustre Mixed

    Pigment Row 2 Swatches–Liquid Lustre Applied on Top

    Laser Baby Mixed with Liquid Lustre Applied to Lips

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3 Responses to Review & Swatches: FaceFront Intermix ShadowPlex Liquid Lustre

  1. ellie says:

    i actually like the pigments on their own rather than when mixed with the lustre, does it help with the staying power at least?

  2. Lisa B. says:

    Good to know, I’d rather not waste my money on this one!

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