Review & Swatches: FaceFront Ouro Fino Color Volume Gloss

Color Volume Gloss in Ouro Fino

FaceFront’s Ouro Fino collection contains 2 lip glosses. This review covers the gloss in Ouro Fino.

Please see this post for more photos and swatches.

Company’s Description

PUMP UP the color volume! Our ultra-rich color glosses blast lips with super-saturated pigment that delivers unsurpassed color coverage. Get all the coverage you’d expect from a lipstick, through a soft, bouncy formula, lightly flavored with vanilla. Use smaller amount of product for sheer/medium coverage, or build up product for an opaque finish. It’s up to you, you’re in control! Highly recommended for make-up professionals.

Packaging: 8.75/10

This gloss comes in a plastic squeeze tube and has a slanted plastic applicator. The packaging is lightweight and can easily be tossed in your purse.

The tubes have clear plastic stickers on them and display the company’s logo, color name, etc. I’d prefer the text to be printed directly onto the packaging. Given the curvature of the tube, the sticker can easily come off. This isn’t a huge point, and given that FaceFront is a newly re-vamped company, I expect that the packaging designs will change and improve over time.

Quality: 8.75/10

Ouro Fino is a clear color infused with 24K Peruvian gold nano-particles. The particles are very small, so you don’t feel any grittiness on your lips. The gloss also isn’t sticky and will last 2-4 hours on the lips if you don’t eat or drink.

You get shiny gold and rainbow-colored shimmers after you apply the gloss on the lips. Like with the other products in this collection, the shimmers aren’t super noticeable from a distance, but up close, you do see the beautiful shimmering effect. Though the color isn’t super unique, this is a beautiful gloss.

Ease of Use: 10/10

Application can’t get much simpler. The gloss applies smoothly and the clear color means you don’t have to worry about being precise.

Price: 8.25/10

The glosses contain 7 ml of product and are $15.50 each. For comparison, MAC lipglasses are 5.03 ml and $14.50 each. The FaceFront lip glosses are less expensive than the MAC lip glosses but I feel like $15.50 is still a bit much to pay for one lip gloss.


Toss if: you want to add color to your lips
Try if: you usually wear glosses with cool-toned or silver shimmers–gold shimmers can give your lips a lovely warmth, especially for summer
Buy if: you want to give your lips some beautiful shimmer

Ouro Fino Applied

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