Review & Swatches: FaceFront Tokyo Future Collection

Release Date: Available Now

Here is a look into FaceFront’s latest collection “Tokyo Future.”

This collection includes pigments, pressed eye shadows, cream illuminators, cream blushes, CyberGel liners, and a liquid lipstick.

Packaging: 9/10

These liners, pressed shadows, and cream illuminators come in plastic jars that have twist-off tops.

The pigments come in plastic jars that have twist-off tops and sifters inside.

The packaging is lightweight and durable.

Quality: 8.75/10

Pressed Shadow
The pressed shadow in Serpentine Palace is a metallic forest green. It applies smoothly and the pigmentation is good.

Artistic Pigments
Lost in Nishitama is a shimmery terracotta brown. Secret Samurai is a shimmery, light taupe. Digital Dragon is a shimmery, medium gold. Shallow Depth is a pool blue with silver glitters.

All 4 colors have great pigmentation and apply evenly.

Cream Highlighters
Gold Rush is coppery and Rising Sun is a pale gold. Both have a sheen to them.

This product is smooth and creamy in consistency. The pigmentation is strong, but is easily thinned out with blending.

Cyber Gel Liners
White Rice is silver, Weekend Warrior is a light violet, and Bonsai Forest is a dark forest green. All the colors are shimmery.

These glide on smoothly but you have to layer Weekend Warrior because it’s less opaque than the other 2 colors.

These liners also dry up after a couple of months, so really make sure to keep the lids tight.

Ease of Use: 9/10

All of these products are straightforward to apply. The shadows go on evenly, the cream highlighters are easy to blend out, and the gel liners are smooth. You may need to layer the liners.

Price: 9.5/10

The pressed shadow is $10.50 and contains 5 g of product. MAC shadows are $15.00 and contain 1.5 g of product. You are getting a lot more for a lot less with FaceFront’s shadows.

The pigments are $10.50 each and contain 5 g of product. For comparison, Bare Escentuals eye shadows give you 0.57 g of product for $13. You are getting 10 times the amount of product for less with the FaceFront pigments. Everyday Minerals shadows have 2.5 g of product and are $7 each.

The cream highlighters are $11.00 and contain 2.4 g of product. Urban Decay’s cream highlighter is $24 and contains 4.8 g of product. The price/amount ratio is pretty even.

The liners are $9.50 each and contain 2.3 g of product. For comparison, MAC Fluidline is $15.00 and contains 3 g while Buxom’s Stay There eye shadows are $17.00 and contain 3.4 g. That works out to $4.13/g for FaceFront and $5/g for MAC and Buxom. You’re getting a good deal with FaceFront’s liners.

Final Grade


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