Review & Swatches: Illamasqua Toxic Nature Cream Pigments

Illamasqua Toxic Nature Cream Pigments in Dab, Mould, Bedaub

This review covers the 6 new Illamasqua Cream Pigments from the Toxic Nature collection: Dab, Mould, Bedaub, Delirium, Hollow, and Emerge. Dab is a lilac color, Mould is a grape purple, Bedaub is a mint color, Delirium is a rosy taupe, Hollow is a toffee brown, and Emerge is a peach color.

See below for a tutorial on how to use these cream pigments!

Please also see this post for full photos and swatches of the shadows.

Packaging: 9/10

These pigments come in regular Illamasqua packaging. The jars are shaped like pinched squares and have tops that slide off. The tops are fairly secure, but I would still not throw them loose into a train case because they don’t snap on and so might slide off.

Quality: 10/10

I am so, so impressed with the quality of these pigments. In the jar, they look the way potted lip glosses do. You can apply the pigments with either your fingers or brushes. The pigments felt stiff to the touch and I was afraid, at first, that they wouldn’t blend easily. But this product actually blends beautifully, regardless of whether you use your fingers or a brush.

All of the colors are intensely pigmented, and yet, can be blended out to a sheer color. They are creamy and smooth to the touch and leave a matte finish.

These pigments get huge bonus points for versatility. You can use these pigments on your face, lips, eyes, and body. Hollow is great to use for contouring, Bedaub can be used to counter redness, Dab can liven up dull/yellow skin, Emerge can be used under the eyes to counter blue, and all of the colors can be used as shadows.

I used Hollow to contour, Mould and Delirium on the eyes, Bedaub to cover a blemish, and Emerge mixed with a concealer under my eyes. Regardless of which brush I used or where I was applying the product, the pigments applied and blended wonderfully.

Used alone, the cream will crease a little if you apply them on the eyes. But with a good eye shadow base, they will resist creasing and last all day.

Ease of Use: 9.75/10

These apply smoothly and blend easily. You can use all kinds of brushes (except really fluffy or flimsy ones) or your fingers for application. Use an eye shadow base if you use them on your eyes.

Price: 9/10

You get 8 g of product for £17.00 (approximately $27.47). This price seems steep, but it’s actually fairly reasonable, given the amount of product you get. As a rough comparison, MAC Paint Pots are 5 g and $16.50 each. So, the Illamasqua cream pigments are $3.43/g and MAC Paint Pots are $3.30/g–not much of a difference.

Plus, these pigments are more multi-functional than most other cream products on the market.


Toss if: you have extremely dry skin–these aren’t very moisturizing and might exacerbate dry patches
Try if: you’re used to using powder pigments and want to venture into cream colors
Buy if: you want pigmented, multi-functional cream colors

Mould Applied to Lid & Delirium Applied to Crease

Mould Applied to Lid & Delirium Applied to Crease

Mould Applied to Lid & Delirium Applied to Crease
Emerge Applied Under Eyes
Hollow Applied to Cheek Hollows

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  1. Sarah Hernandez says:

    I usually stay away from cream pigments because they crease up on my eyelids but, these look so pretty and natural. Thanks for posting this review!

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