Review & Swatches: MAC Dazzlesphere! Neutral Mini Gloss Kit

Dazzlesphere! Neutral Mini Gloss Kit Names

Dazzlesphere! Neutral Mini Gloss Kit

Limited Edition
Release Date: December 10, 2011
Availability: MAC online & MAC stores

MAC’s Dazzlespheres collection features 3 limited-edition Mini Gloss Kits. This review is for the “Neutral” kit:

  • Dazzleglass – Bare Necessity: Caramel apricot with red and gold pearlized pigments (Permanent)
  • Dazzleglass – Get Rich Quick: Warm yellow brown (Permanent)
  • Cremesheen Glass – Boy Bait: Light neutral beige with pearl (Permanent)
  • Cremesheen Glass – Over Indulgence: Neutral brown (Permanent)

Packaging: 9/10

The glosses themselves are housed in clear tubes. The Dazzleglasses have plastic brush applicators while the Cremesheen Glasses have doe-foot applicators. Unfortunately, I have to take off points because one of the Dazzleglass applicators was stiff–like it had been glued together and then hardened. This happened with the applicators that came with the Ice Parade glosses too–what’s going on with this defect?

The set is housed in plastic globes with the top-halves being see-through and bottom-halves being silver. You twist the halves to open up the globe and access the product. This packaging makes for a great holiday gift.

Quality: 8/10

Bare Necessity is a light caramel with pink and silver shimmers. Get Rich Quick is a medium brown with pink and silver shimmers. Boy Bait is a light yellow-based beige with nearly undetectable pearls. Over Indulgence is a red-toned light brown, also with nearly undetectable pearls.

All of these have a slight tackiness to them, but nothing that will glue your lips together. They are also all sheer and will give your lips only a hint of color.

There is nothing particularly bad about these glosses, but there also isn’t anything particularly appealing about them either. They’re translucent, neutral colors that will work for almost anyone. But they won’t do anything special by way of color, finish, or vibrancy. I guess the question is, do you need 4 of these kinds of glosses? The kicker is that all 4 colors are permanent to MAC’s line, so you aren’t getting anything new with this set, other than the packaging.

This set is probably best to give to someone who is new to makeup or who likes to keep their makeup very natural and who is new to MAC products.

Ease of Use: 9/10

Because all of the colors are sheer, application is almost fool-proof. You can slap these colors on without a mirror and not worry about being precise.

If you get one of the defective, stiff applicators, though, be prepared for an awkward and uncomfortable application.

Price: 9.5/10

Strangely, you get 2.6 grams in each Dazzleglass and 1.9 grams in each Cremesheen Glass. Regular Dazzleglasses are 1.92 grams each and regular Cremesheen Glasses are 2.7 grams each. So, despite these kits being “mini,” you get more Dazzleglass gloss with this set than you would with a “full-sized” Dazzleglass.

In any case, you get a total of 9 grams of product for $32.50, which means you pay $3.61 for each gram of gloss you get. Normally, you would pay $8.01 for each gram.

Final Grade


Dazzlesphere! Globe Packaging

Dazzlesphere! Neutral Mini Gloss Kit Name

Dazzlesphere! Neutral Mini Glosses

Swatches: Bare Necessity, Get Rich Quick, Boy Bait, Over Indulgence
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3 Responses to Review & Swatches: MAC Dazzlesphere! Neutral Mini Gloss Kit

  1. soesje200 says:

    These are too cute for my xmas tree =)

  2. I love the packaging but I agree, I dont like neutral glosses that much!

  3. Lisa B. says:

    This IS a pretty boring looking set, especially since they’re all permanent colors, but it could be good if you want to try out 4 permanent colors that will still be around later!

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