Review & Swatches: MAC Flighty Big Bounce Shadows

MAC Flighty Big Bounce Shadows

Here is the long-awaited review for MAC’s Big Bounce Shadows. This review covers the 16 MAC Flighty Big Bounce eye shadows in The Cool Elite, Good Fortune, Reward Yourself, Impeccably Rich, Sizzlin’ Diva, Trophy, Free as Air, Spread the Wealth, Extra Charged, Up the Ante!, Rich Thrills, Luxury Touch, Count Your Assets, My Next Indulgence, Rich Sweet, and Black Diamond.

  • The Cool Elite: white with silver pearl
  • Good Fortune: soft pink yellow with pink and silver pearl
  • Reward Yourself: bright peach coral with gold pearl
  • Impeccably Rich: light cream with gold pearl
  • Sizzlin’ Diva: copper with gold pearl
  • Trophy: soft peach with pearl
  • Free as Air: sky blue with silver pearl
  • Spread the Wealth: dirty olive with gold pearl
  • Extra Charged: bright green with multicolour pearl
  • Up the Ante!: rich copper with gold and silver pearl
  • Rich Thrills: dirty silver with multicolor pearl
  • Luxury Touch: violet with gold pearl
  • Count Your Assets: rich blue purple with multicolour pearl
  • My Next Indulgence: forest green with blue and gold pearl
  • Rich, Sweet: chocolate gold with gold pearl
  • Black Diamond: black with gold pearl

Please see this post for more photos of the Big Bounce shadows.

**This post is picture-intensive. Please be patient with the loading time.**

Packaging: 9/10

These shadows come in the same packaging as MAC Paint Pots. The jars are glass and have twist-off plastic caps. Inside, there is a plastic cover that’s probably intended to keep the shadow from getting all over the lid and/or to keep the product from drying out.

Quality: 6.5/10

MAC describes Big Bounce Shadows as “mousse-like” eye shadows that “last for hours.”

First, the formulation is much more liquid-y than “mousse-like.” The product is very thin, like a light-weight moisturizer.

Second, the shadows will “last for hours,” but only under very specific conditions. You absolutely must use a primer under the shadow. Otherwise, the product will fade and crease quickly and noticeably. Even with primer underneath, there will be slight creasing and some fading after 1-2 hours. The creasing will increase throughout the day by small degrees. You can see the extent of creasing here:

Sizzlin’ Diva Applied Over Primer – Hour 0

Sizzlin’ Diva Applied Over Primer – After 1 Hour

Sizzlin’ Diva Applied Over Primer – After 3 Hours

You can minimize the creasing by using an eye shadow base like MAC’s Paint Pots. Using a base over primer will cause the shadow to resist creasing and fading for much longer:

Sizzlin’ Diva Applied Over Indiawood Paint Pot – Hour 0

Sizzlin’ Diva Applied Over Indiawood Paint Pot – After 1 Hour

Sizzlin’ Diva Applied Over Indiawood Paint Pot – After 3 Hours

To be a high-quality product, this shadow should be able to go at least 3-4 hours either alone or just over a simple primer. Just like with a powder eye shadow, I don’t hold it against the product if I have to use a primer underneath (most of us expect to use a primer with shadows), but if it really only lasts when adding another base underneath, I’m doing more work than I should have to to get the product to perform well.

Third, these shadows have great pigmentation. The problem is, you can only really wear these by applying a thin layer (please see “Ease of Use” for more information on effective application). Despite this, the colors do translate decently, but you won’t get the level of intense color you see in the pot.

Most of the colors go on smoothly and fairly evenly. The exceptions are with the bright colors: My Next Indulgence, Free as Air, and Extra Charged.

Ease of Use: 6.75/10

It took a lot of trial and error to figure out how to use this product effectively.

First, it’s pretty much impossible to layer colors. In fact, it’s difficult to layer the same color on top of itself. The product starts to dry soon after you apply it. After it begins to dry, layering on more of the product causes the layer of shadow underneath to rub off. Applying multiple colors together is almost out-of-the-question. Here’s what happens when you try:

Failed Attempt to Blend Multiple Colors

Second, you need to apply the shadows with your finger. I tried applying them with fluffy shadow brushes, dense shadow brushes, concealer brushes… This product won’t apply evenly with a brush. You have to use your finger to blend and layer. Here’s what happens when you apply the shadow with a flat, dense eye shadow brush:

Rich, Sweet Applied with Brush – Hour 0

Rich, Sweet Applied with Brush – After 2 Hours

Rich, Sweet Applied with Brush – After 4 Hours

After much trial and error, the way to get the best application with these shadows is to do the following:

1) Apply a primer (and, optionally, a base).

2) Pick up a tiny amount (1/5 of a pea-sized dab). Blend it onto the eye lid and into the crease.

3) Very quickly pick up another tiny dab and layer it onto the lid. If you wait until the first layer dries, you’ll end up peeling/rubbing it off while trying to place down a second layer.

Price: 7.5/10

These are 5 g each and cost $16.50. MAC Paint Pots are the same size and price. MAC Paint Pots are much higher quality and are much more versatile.

Final Grade


Toss if: you want an easy-to-use product or one that is long-wearing on its own
Buy if: you want a wash of color on the lids and don’t want more than 1 color

Overall: These shadows aren’t versatile and take a lot of work to make look good. You need to use a primer (and probably a base), use only a tiny amount, apply with your fingers, and use only 1 color.

Note: For all the following pictures, I used some sort of cream base (MAC Paint Pots or Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow Liners). For most of the colors, I used a nude base (Benefit’s Recess). For shimmery nude colors, I used MAC’s Paint Pot in Bare Study. For the coppery/gold/bronze colors, I used MAC’s Paint Pot in Indiawood. For My Next Indulgence, I used MAC’s Paint Pot in Delft.

Swatches: The Cool Elite, Good Fortune, Reward Yourself, Impeccably Rich

Swatches: Sizzlin’ Diva, Trophy, Free as Air, Spread the Wealth

Swatches: Extra Charged, Up the Ante!, Rich Thrills, Luxury Touch

Swatches: Count Your Assets, My Next Indulgence, Rich Sweet, Black Diamond

Up the Ante! Applied Over Base

The Cool Elite Applied Over Base

Spread the Wealth Applied Over Base

Rich Thrills Applied Over Base

Rich, Sweet Applied Over Base

Reward Yourself Applied Over Base

My Next Indulgence Applied Over Base

Luxury Touch Applied Over Base

Impeccably Rich Applied Over Base

Good Fortune Applied Over Base

Free as Air Applied Over Base

Extra Charged Applied Over Base

Count Your Assets Applied Over Base

Black Diamond Applied Over Base
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8 Responses to Review & Swatches: MAC Flighty Big Bounce Shadows

  1. ValbonaPro says:

    Thanks for the review and you give such precise and helpful images because it’s very hard to find “real” images in beauty review sites by the way!

    I am not a big fan of cream shadows only because of their short staying power. If anything, it would have to be a really light color for me to wear so it’s not so noticeable.

  2. Jenny says:

    wow, thanks for the tips for the application! the colours look really nice though.

  3. Rosa says:

    That’s a shame… the colors are so lovely… thanks for reviewing them!

  4. Groovymarlin says:

    Great review, very thorough, and really depressing! I was hoping for a less expensive alternative to Make Up Forever’s Aqua Creams, but I can see these aren’t it. The colors ARE gorgeous but if they only last an hour before they start creasing they’re kind of useless to me. THANK YOU for posting those shots of the shadows on your lids, because it really makes apparent how unevenly some of the prettiest colors apply (i.e., Extra Charged, Free as Air).

    • Allura says:

      You’re welcome! They definitely are not alternatives to MUFE’s Aqua Creams. Those are solid cream products and do a much, much better job being crease-resistant and color-intense.

  5. Deja says:

    Sucks that they are so hard to work with bc the shades are really lovely.

  6. Lisa B. says:

    Oh, darn, what a disappointment! Thank you for doing all the work testing these for us! I’m so glad you posted this! It means I can ignore these and get some other fun things instead! :-p

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