Review: MAC Jeanius Eye Shadows

White Jeanius, Stovepipe Black, Motorhead, Diva in Distress

This review covers the four MAC Jeanius eye shadows: White Jeanius, Motorhead, Stovepipe Black, and Diva in Distress.

Please see this post for full photos and swatches of the shadows.

Packaging: 9/10

These shadows have standard MAC packaging, but are twice as big as regular MAC shadows. Each shadow also has a raised design that mimics jean fabric. The surfaces are also textured with an over-spray that comes off after the first application.

Quality: 7.75/10

White Jeanius is a shimmery white color, Motorhead is a mid-toned blue with shimmers, Stovepipe Black is a grey-black with silver shimmers, and Diva in Distress is a silver with a hint of light blue and silver shimmers.

These colors do have decent pigmentation. But they are also quite chalky and powdery. You’ll notice when you swipe your brush across them, you get clumps of the shadow that gather off the surface of the pan. The least chalky color is Stovepipe Black, while the most chalky is Diva in Distress.

Of the four, Diva in Distress is the most disappointing, not only because it’s chalky, but also because it could be a more interesting color. It has a hint of blue, but not enough to translate when applied. It would be much more unique if there were a more obvious sky-blue hue to it. On the eyes, Diva in Distress and White Jeanius look very similar, so you probably don’t need to buy both.

Ease of Use: 7.5/10

Be careful of fall-out. These are chalky, so you will get powder under your eye after using them. You will also need to apply more than one layer, particularly if you do any blending, because they fade. Diva in Distress is especially prone to fading, so I’d apply that one last, after you’ve blended all the other colors you’re using on the eye.

Definitely use an eyeshadow base before applying. I would also strongly recommend foiling Diva in Distress and White Jeanius, otherwise the effect is dull. With foiling, you get a nice shimmer and color (see here for an explanation on foiling). You don’t need to foil Motorhead or Stovepipe Black, but if you do, you’ll get a much more intense application.

Price: 9/10
Regular MAC shadows are 1.5 g and $14.50; these are 3 g and $19.50. You are getting twice the product for far less than twice the price.


Lip Gloss

Toss: Diva in Distress
Try: White Jeanius or Motorhead
Buy: Stovepipe Black

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  1. Kara Sanders says:

    You really pull this look off well. Most people can’t wear blue eyeshadow.

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