Review & Swatches: MAC Jeanius Lipsticks & Lipglasses

Painted On Over Acid Washed, Docile Over Pretty Please, Indigo Pink Over Riveting Rose

This review covers the 3 MAC Jeanius lipsticks: Acid Washed, Pretty Please, and Riveting Rose.

Please see this post for full photos and swatches of the lipsticks.

Packaging: 9/10

These lipsticks and lip glosses come in standard MAC packaging. The tubes are made of plastic and can easily be taken on-the-go.

Quality: 8.5/10


Acid Washed is an almost clear color with silver glitters. Pretty Please is a very pale, translucent pink color with micro-shimmers. Riveting Rose is a medium burgundy color that gives off a subtle blue sheen.

On the lips, Acid Washed and Pretty Please don’t look that different. The glitters in Acid Washed are much larger than the ones in Pretty Please, but they both come off as an almost-clear color on the lips. If you really layer Pretty Please, you can get a light pink color out of it. Riveting Rose is a color that, for most people, is more appropriate for the evening.

Like all MAC lipsticks, these have a subtle vanilla scent that shouldn’t bother you unless you really dislike vanilla smells or are very sensitive to scents. If you don’t eat or drink, these should last a solid 3 hours on the lips.


Painted On is an almost clear color with shimmers. MAC describes Docile as a “chrome pink with gold.” I think it’s more accurate to say that Docile is basically a clear lip gloss with pink and purple shimmers that give it a chrome effect. I don’t see the “gold” MAC says is in this color. Indigo Pink is a medium burgundy with subtly blue shimmers.

Although Painted On and Docile are different colors, it’s hard to tell the subtle differences on the lips. Docile has a very interesting chrome effect, but I wish it were more obvious. Indigo Pink is semi-opaque on the lips.

These lip glosses aren’t super sticky and they will last 3-4 hours on the lips if you don’t drink or eat.

Like the lipsticks, these have a subtle vanilla scent.

Ease of Use: 9/10

Pretty Please doesn’t have the effect it should on the lips unless you apply multiple layers. Otherwise, applying these lipsticks and lip glosses is pretty straight-forward.

Price: 9/10
These are the same size and price ($14.50 each) as regular MAC lipsticks and lip glosses.

These glosses and lipsticks have parallel colors: Painted On is the same as Acid Washed, Docile is the same as Pretty Please, and Indigo Pink is the same as Riveting Rose. If you pair Docile and Pretty Please, you get a more obvious chrome effect. And if you pair Riveting Rose and Indigo Pink, the blue shimmers stand out much more.


Toss if: you’re very sensitive to scents
Try: Acid Washed/Painted On or Pretty Please/Docile–these colors are very similar so you only need to buy 1-2 of them
Buy if: you want to pair lipsticks with similarly-colored lip glosses

Acid Washed Applied

Pretty Please Applied

Riveting Rose Applied

Painted On Applied

Docile Applied

Indigo Pink Applied

Painted On Applied Over Acid Washed

Docile Applied Over Pretty Please

Indigo Pink Applied Over Riveting Rose

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3 Responses to Review & Swatches: MAC Jeanius Lipsticks & Lipglasses

  1. Lisa B. says:

    I love your lip swatches, especially the combinations/layered ones!

  2. Renee says:

    I’m happy to see a re-promote of Docile. I’ve been thinking about getting it for awhile, so now I can check it out @ the MAC counter. I will definitely get Indigo Pink and Riveting Rose!!!

  3. Caitlyn says:

    i always find the lip glasses to be too sticky and that they don’t last very long. although, they are very pretty when you first apply them.
    i love how detailed you get with the descriptions and ratings. very helpful!

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