Review & Swatches: MAC Posh Paradise Mattene Lipsticks

Posh Paradise Mattene Lipsticks

Limited Edition
Release Date: September 15, 2011
Availability: MAC online & MAC stores

This review covers the 10 MAC Posh Paradise Mattene Lipsticks.

  • Naked Bliss: Neutral light pink
  • Rare Exotic: Bright mid-tone blue pink
  • Legendary: Mid-tone brick red
  • Unknown Pleasures: Deep red blue
  • Seeds of Desire: Deep brown plum
  • Eden Rouge: Bright blue-red
  • Delectable: Orange-beige
  • Potent Fig: Deep blue grape
  • Deliciously Foribbden: Mid-tone berry
  • Fresh Amour: Light lavender

Packaging: 9/10

Mattene Lipsticks come in skinny, matte plastic tubes, similar to the packaging used for MAC’s discontinued Slimshine Lipsticks.

Quality: 9.5/10

Although marketed as matte lipsticks, these are not dry, drying, or difficult to apply. They glide onto the skin smoothly and all of the colors are strong and opaque.

The finish is not exactly matte–there is a certain glossiness in the finish. Posh Paradise has a good range of colors for these lipsticks, from light to dark, with a mixture of cool- and warm-toned hues.

These are also long-wearing. I wore Rare Exotic through an hour-long dance class and the color was still going strong by the end–through sweating and water-drinking. The brighter and darker colors also slightly stain the lips, leaving color behind even after you take off the product.

Ease of Use: 9/10

The formula glides smoothly. You do need to be careful with the brighter and darker colors. I’d advise using a concealer brush to get a precise application.

Price: 9.25/10

These cost $14.50 each and contain 5 g of product, which is 2 g more than regular MAC lipsticks.

Final Grade


Posh Paradise Mattene Lipstick Packaging

Posh Paradise Mattene Lipstick Ingredients

Posh Paradise Mattene Lipsticks

Posh Paradise Mattene Lipstick Names

Posh Paradise Mattene Lipsticks

Swatches: Naked Bliss, Rare Exotic, Legendary, Unknown Pleasures, Seeds of Desire

Posh Paradise Mattene Lipsticks

Swatches: Eden Rouge, Delectable, Potent Fig, Deliciously Forbidden, Fresh Amour

Naked Bliss

Naked Bliss Applied

Rare Exotic

Rare Exotic Applied


Legendary Applied

Unknown Pleasures

Unknown Pleasures Applied

Seeds of Desire

Seeds of Desire Applied

Eden Rouge

Eden Rouge Applied


Delectable Applied

Potent Fig

Potent Fig Applied

Deliciously Forbidden

Deliciously Forbidden Applied

Fresh Amour

Fresh Amour Applied
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7 Responses to Review & Swatches: MAC Posh Paradise Mattene Lipsticks

  1. Kiley says:

    Wow I’m totally impressed by this web page having swatches like this it’s helped me to make my mind up about which colours I would like to buy, I think I wouldn’t mind all of them 🙂 different mood different lipstick, a nice display case would be cool to 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    I bought Potent Fig. I couldn’t help it. In the store I noticed and was drawn to the gorgeous cool purple color, so tried it on for fun, but then I couldn’t get over how gorgeous and badass it looked at the same time. I have really fair, white skin and the contrast was just striking and perfect. It’s definitely an “occasion lipstick,” but I can’t wait for the next occasion.

  3. Lisa B. says:

    I like Deliciously Forbidden…and for some reason, Potent Fig. Gotta talk myself out of that one, since I’d never wear it outside the house, but I still want it! I’m glad to hear they’re not drying. Your pics show the finish really nicely!
    I love the streamlined slimmer tubes (I miss Slimshines)…hopefully the slim tube will help with precise application, too.

  4. Elise P. says:

    I’m so excited about these! I’m super impressed by the longevity of the product, by the way you describe it. Legendary, Deliciously Forbidden, and Rare Exotic are being added to my shopping bag right now! Two are for me, one I’m stashing for a holiday gift. Thanks for the awesome review!!!

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