Review & Swatches: MAC Quite Cute Nail Lacquers

MAC Quite Cute Nail Lacquers

This review covers the 3 MAC Quite Cute nail lacquers: Ice Cream Cake, Little Girl Type, and Mischievous.

  • Ice Cream Cake (cream): creamy blue pink
  • Little Girl Type (cream): creamy pale lavender
  • Mischievous (cream): creamy pale blue mint

Please see this post for more photos.

Packaging: 8.5/10

These polishes come in standard glass MAC jars with rubbery-plastic twist-off caps. I think the design is a little funny (the jars narrow as you go top-to-bottom), but this is a completely personal preference, so I don’t consider that in determining a score. What I do consider is the bulkiness of the top, which is what you hold onto when you’re applying the polish. It’s wide, which makes it more awkward to hold onto when you’re applying.

Quality: 9.5/10

I have to say, I’m impressed with the high quality of these polishes. When I saw they were all creams, I expected to have trouble building up the color. But I didn’t encounter that problem at all. In fact, with any of these colors, you could get away with applying just 1 coat.

All of these colors are bright and opaque and they’re all suitable for Spring and Easter. None of the colors is super unique–bright pink, light lavender, light mint green–but if you don’t have them already, these polishes would work very nicely.

Ease of Use: 9.75/10

MAC’s polishes have a long plastic brush applicator. The applicator’s length gives you less control over the application than a shorter brush would.

That said, the quality of the colors made application easy. You don’t even really have to apply more than 1 coat. The polishes apply evenly and smoothly.

Price: 7.25/10

Standard MAC nail polishes, like these, are $14.00 each and contain 0.34 fl oz. I really feel like $14.00 is too much to pay for one nail polish. Even high-end nail polish companies like OPI, China Glaze, and Essie don’t charge that much for their nail polishes. These get a little bump up in score because they’re great quality, but bottom line, $14 a bottle is too much, even if it’s a good polish.

Final Grade


Toss if: you’re not into pastels or non-neutrals
Try if: you’re looking for Spring- or Easter-appropriate polishes
Buy if: you want opaque, high-quality pastel polishes

Ice Cream Cake Applied

Little Girl Type Applied

Mischievous Applied
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8 Responses to Review & Swatches: MAC Quite Cute Nail Lacquers

  1. Alicia says:

    What is the lasting power like for MAC nail polishes? I haven’t tried them. A good point of comparison for me would be O.P.I.

    • Allura says:

      For me, they all last pretty much the same amount of time–3 days with a good top coat. But it really depends on how rough you are on your nails (I’m not dainty with them at all).

  2. Joanne says:

    All three colours look amazing! I think you’re right about the price point but I think I might just splurge and get all three because of you. LOL!

  3. Doreen Riopel says:

    I love how these are rated in their different areas. The colours remind me of dessert or maybe I have having sweet cravings. lol
    Thanks so much for the review.

  4. Lisa B. says:

    They really do look exactly like Easter Eggs, or what I think of/the colors I think of when I think about Easter Eggs.

  5. Elena T says:

    how pretty are these colors! just perfect for spring and summer

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