Review & Swatches: MAC Semi-Precious Mineralize Eye Shadows

MAC Semi-Precious Mineralize Eye Shadow in Jade’s Fortune

This review covers MAC’s 12 Semi-Precious Mineralize Eye Shadows.

  • Blue Sheen: navy, black, peach melange (limited edition)
  • Dark Indulgence: forest green and black melange (limited edition)
  • Smoky Ruby: burgundy and black melange (limited edition)
  • Golden Gaze: gold and black melange (limited edition)
  • Rare Find: violet, brown, gold melange (limited edition)
  • Jade’s Fortune: bright yellow, blue, lime, black melange (limited edition)
  • Hint of Sapphire: pink violet, teal, copper, blue melange (limited edition)
  • Faux Gold: coral, gold, lime, bronze melange (limited edition)
  • Quartz Fusion: soft pink, silver, deep pink melange (limited edition)
  • Unsurpassable: green, teal, purple, copper melange (limited edition)
  • Clarity: white, copper, grey melange (limited edition)
  • Mineral Mode: white, copper, grey melange (limited edition)

Please see this post and YouTube video for more photos and swatches of these lipsticks.

Packaging: 9/10

These shadows come in standard MAC packaging but are larger than normal eye shadows. The compacts are plastic and come with snap-shut, flip-up tops.

Quality: 8/10

Mineralize shadows have never been very impressive, and this reputation stands with the shadows in this collection.

The pigmentation for most of the colors fair/average. Many of the colors go on sparsely or sporadically. The colors, despite all being shimmery, are fairly dull-looking. The least impressive of the 12 colors is Quartz Fusion, which has large chunks of silver glitter that cause fall-out and applies weakly.

The pigmentation and finish can be improved if you foil the colors, with the exception of the following: Quartz Fusion, Clarity, and Mineral Mode. These colors are better applied dry.

Ease of Use: 8.25/10

You’ll need to apply several layers to get good pigmentation and an even finish. You can, alternatively, foil most of the colors to get a better finish.

Price: 7.75/10

Regular MAC shadows cost $14.50 and are 1.5 g each. Mineralize shadows are $20.00 and 2 g each, making them more expensive (accounting for the difference in size) than regular shadows. Given their average quality, you’re not getting a great deal.

Final Grade


Row 1 MES

Row 1 MES Names

Row 1 Swatches – Dry

Row 1 Swatches – Foiled

Row 2 MES

Row 2 MES Names

Row 2 Swatches – Dry

Row 2 Swatches – Foiled

Row 3 MES

Row 3 MES Names

Row 3 Swatches – Dry

Row 3 Swatches – Foiled

Clarity Applied to Inner 1/2; Rare Find in Outer 1/2

Mineral Mode Applied to Inner 1/2; Golden Gaze in Outer 1/2
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9 Responses to Review & Swatches: MAC Semi-Precious Mineralize Eye Shadows

  1. Sadi says:

    wowww amazing swatches. i love all

  2. Elena T says:

    I haven’t tried this but at a first glance I can say that the way the product looks can make you spend your money on them;

  3. soesje200 says:

    Indeed the eyeshadows are so-so but applied on the eyes they come out pretty nice.

  4. Olesia says:

    Hm…Still love the Jade’s fortune and the Mineral Mode. But the comment by Fiona makes me hesitate…

  5. Lisa B. says:

    MES are always so disappointing! Although they do look pretty in the swatches, it just seems like way too much effort to me. Blue Sheen and Dark Indulgence look sort of like the MES from the Disney Collection. I keep hoping that with each new “look,” the MES formula itself will be better. Actually, it kinda seems like most “baked” products have some problems–have you found any that work for you? Revlon’s seem to be too hard, and although I’ve found some shades I like, MAC MSFs are sort of hit or miss…have you tried any Laura Geller baked shadows, or Milani?
    I did find one Etude Marbleade (LIghtscapade MSF dupe) that is a bit powdery but gives a nice glow–still a bit too shiny sometimes though; and perhaps too pale.

  6. Erin M. says:

    At first glance I didn’t know how the pigment color would turn out, but it looks MUCH more interesting and glamourous once applied and blended on the lid!

  7. Fiona Robertson says:

    Your review is spot on. I bought the Mineral Mode, it seemed so pretty in the store. Now that I’ve used it for a week or so, it feels like a waste of money. I can barely tell it’s on when I wear it. Maybe the darker colours are better?

  8. Natalie Frey says:

    Amazing swatches! I love them.

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