Review & Swatches: MAC Snowglobe Eye Palette in “Cool”

Snowglobe Eye Palette in “Cool”

Limited Edition
Release Date: October 27, 2011
Availability: MAC online & MAC stores

MAC’s Ice Parade collection features 3 limited-edition eye shadow palettes. This review is for the Snowglobe Eye Palette in “Cool”:

  • Howzat (satin): Pale lavender (Limited Edition, Repromote)
  • Snowball: Frost white (Limited Edition)
  • Warm & Smoky (veluxe pearl): Medium purple (Limited Edition)
  • Idol Eyes (lustre): Silvered violet with gold (Permanent)
  • Illegal Cargo (frost): Slate (Limited Edition)
  • Set to Dance (matte): Dark royal blue (Limited Edition, Repromote)

Packaging: 9.25/10

These palettes come in white compacts that snap shut and have mirrors on the inside of the lid. The compacts are decorated with a clear plastic dome with silver glitters and clear liquid inside–much like a snowglobe.

The packaging is pretty and makes for a good holiday present. The dome on top does make the compact bulkier than normal.

Quality: 8.25/10

For the most part, these colors are decent–nothing terrible, nothing phenomenal.

Snowball turns out to be a transparent color with shimmers, so don’t expect to get white pigment out of it. Illegal Cargo is a very pale purple, like in the pan. Idol Eyes is disappointingly sheer–not the intense, shimmery silver you see in the pan. Warm & Smoky is an interesting, duo-dimensional purple/blue color. Howzat and Set to Dance are the most impressive in terms of color payoff, with Howzat being a shimmery slate and Set to Dance a matte, purple-leaning black. Set to Dance gets extra points for being a great matte formulation shadow.

Ease of Use: 8.75/10

You’ll need to make multiple passes at application with Idol Eyes and Snowball, maybe even foiling them, to get more intensity out of the shadows. The rest go on smoothly and evenly.

Price: 8.75/10

These palettes contain a total of 6 g of eye shadow for $38.00. Individual MAC shadows contain 1.5 g and cost $15.00, so you save $22.00 with the palette. With 4-5 of these shadows being decent-to-great, this is a pretty good deal.

Final Grade


Box Packaging for Snowglobe Eye Palette in “Cool”

Snowglobe Eye Palette in “Cool” Packaging

Snowglobe Eye Palette in “Cool”

Snowglobe Eye Palette in “Cool”

Swatches in Snowball, Illegal Cargo, Idol Eyes

Swatches in Warm & Smoky, Howzat, Set to Dance

Swatches: Snowball, Illegal Cargo, Idol Eyes, Warm & Smoky, Howzat, Set to Dance
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One Response to Review & Swatches: MAC Snowglobe Eye Palette in “Cool”

  1. Lisa B. says:

    This one is at least okay, but if I’m going to spend nearly $40 on a palette, I would want more from it than just “okay”…And I just can’t think of any way that I could use all three of the light colors.

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