Review & Swatches: MAC Surf Baby Bronzing Powders

Bronzing Powder in Solar Riche

This review covers MAC’s 2 Surf, Baby! Bronzing Powders.

  • Solar Riche: midtone deep orange brown (limited edition)
  • Refined Golden: mid tone rosy pink brown (permanent)

Please see this post for full photos of these powders.

Packaging: 9.5/10

These powders come in standard MAC packaging except with a limited-edition outer design. These plastic compacts have flip-up, snap-shut lids with mirrors inside and can easily be taken on-the-go.

Quality: 9.5/10

Refined Golden is more shimmery than Solar Riche and not nearly as orange-toned.

The formulation is good–the powders apply evenly and aren’t too powdery. The pigment is balanced enough that you can use them for both contouring and overall bronzing (though the gold shimmers in Refined Golden would make it inappropriate to contour with). Because Solar Riche is so distinctly warm-toned, it would be more appropriately used on the cheeks instead of for overall bronzing or contouring.

Ease of Use: 9.25/10

The formulation makes application easy. You don’t have to build too much to get the color in the pan and the powder applies evenly.

Price: 8.75/10

These bronzers contain 10 g and cost $24.00 each. Normal MAC bronzing powders are $23.00, and despite this collection having limited-edition packaging, this extra cost seems unnecessary.

Final Grade


Bronzing Powder in Solar Riche

Bronzing Powder in Solar Riche

Solar Riche Swatches Applied w/ Finger (Left) & Brush (Right)

Solar Riche Applied

Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden

Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden

Refined Golden Swatches Applied w/ Finger (Left) & Brush (Right)

Refined Golden Applied
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2 Responses to Review & Swatches: MAC Surf Baby Bronzing Powders

  1. Lisa B. says:

    Other than the shimmer, these sound pretty good–but I think I want to try the Careblend powders first! Do you prefer a matte finish for bronzer?…I guess these are slightly better value than the Careblend ones though?

    • Allura says:

      I do prefer matte finishes because I’m using them for contouring or all-over color. Between these bronzers and the Carblends, I prefer the Careblends.

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