Review & Swatches: MAC Surf Baby Cheek Powder

MAC Surf Baby Cheek Powder in My Paradise

This review covers MAC’s Surf, Baby! Cheek Powder in My Paradise.

  • My Paradise: warm coral with golden hibiscus embossed on (limited edition)

Please see this post for full photos of this Cheek Powder.

Packaging: 9.5/10

This cheek powder comes in standard MAC packaging except with a limited-edition outer design. The plastic compact has a flip-up, snap-shut, see-through lid and can easily be taken on-the-go.

The pan itself has an embossed, shimmery golden hibiscus on it.

Quality: 9.5/10

My Paradise is a strongly pigmented, orange-y coral color that applies evenly to the skin and can be built in layers to intensify the color.

The embossed hibiscus covers a majority of the surface of the pan, which makes picking up the coral color a bit difficult. The hibiscus design itself is a shimmery gold that transfers to the skin as a great highlighter. Used together, you’ll get an orange-y coral with small golden shimmers.

Eventually, the flower will disappear and you’ll be left with only the coral color.

Ease of Use: 8.75/10

The powder applies well, but the size of the embossed flower encroaches on the coral color, which is really what you want showing up predominantly on the cheeks. You’ll have to use a small brush to target the coral color and avoid picking up too much of the gold.

Price: 9.25/10

This blush is $28.00 and contains 9g of product. Regular MAC powder blushes are 6g and cost $19.50, meaning you’re paying a little less per gram for My Paradise than you would with a regular MAC blush. Given the limited-edition design that comes with this blush and its quality, this is a good deal.

Final Grade


Toss if: you want a matte coral blush or don’t want to bother working around the embossed shimmery flower design
Try if: you’re looking for a good Summer cheek color
Buy if: you want a good Summer coral color with golden shimmers

My Paradise Ingredients

MAC Surf Baby Cheek Powder in My Paradise

My Paradise Swatched w/ Brush – Mixed

My Paradise Swatched w/ Finger – Flower Color, Pan Color, Mixed

My Paradise Applied
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11 Responses to Review & Swatches: MAC Surf Baby Cheek Powder

  1. Roxanne says:

    I thought it was 12g? But it does look lovely on you! I picked mine up yesterday:)

  2. soesje200 says:

    It looks so nice on you!

  3. Tina Bowling says:

    I love the gold but I’m sad it’s not actually in the blush, only on top! I never knew that. It still looks so pretty though!

  4. Tina Lane says:

    From all of your reviews/posts about MAC Surf products, this is my favorite. It looks so cute. I love the flower and the sparkly gold color. The pink color of the blush is so cute as well 🙂

  5. Lisa B. says:

    And to think, I didn’t want this…but now that I’ve seen it on you, it looks so lovely! The only thing that bothers me is, once the flower is gone and you’re left with the pan color, you won’t have the gold to mix and soften it with anymore…

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