Review & Swatches: MAC Wonder Woman Blush Duos & MSFs

Wonder Woman Mineralize Skinfinishes

MAC’s Wonder Woman collection includes 2 Blush Duos and 2 Mineralize Skinfinishes. The Blush Duos each come with one semi-matte (satin) color and one shimmery color. The MSFs each come with a bronzing color in between two shimmery highlighting/blush colors.

For complete pictures and swatches, please read the Wonder Woman Blush Duo and MSF posts. Click here for a video overview of the face products.

Please Note: For the purpose of scoring, I am not including a judgment on the aesthetics of the packaging. Whether you like the packaging or not is a completely subjective preference. Particularly given the strong divide in opinion over this collection’s packaging, I don’t feel it’s appropriate to comment on it in the review. But feel free to express your opinion on the packaging in the comments!

Blush Duos

Packaging: 9.25/10

These products come in a box decorated with Wonder Woman comic art. The inside of the boxes are blue with white stars.

The Blush Duo compacts are shaped the same as regular blush duos but with red lids decorated with the Wonder Woman/MAC logo. The bottom half of the compact is blue and on the inside, the plastic rim surrounding the blush pan is gold. There is also a mirror inside the compact.
The packaging is light enough to take traveling and the mirror also makes it convenient for on-the-go.

Quality: 9/10

Mighty Aphrodite has two colors. The main color is a peachy color with a hint of pink and has gold shimmers. The smaller color is a coral-pink. Amazon Princess’s main color is a violet-toned pink and the smaller color is a deep plum-pink with golden shimmers. The main color in Amazon Princess reminds me of a more intense version of Briar Rose, which came out with the Venomous Villains collection.

All the colors in these duos are bright and intense. Even though each duo has a shimmery color, the shimmers are not overwhelming. Overall, you get a nice finish and good pigmentation.

Ease of Use: 8.5/10

The blush duo colors are pigmented and bright, so you’ll have to be more careful to not over-apply. If you feel the effect you get is too bright, take a fluffy kabuki brush and buff out the color.

I also wish MAC would have just split these pans into equal halves. Because the darker color in each duo is only in a small section of the pan, it’s hard to get your brush to pick up that specific color.

Price: 9.5/10

Regular powder blushes are 6 grams for $19.50. These blush duos are 12.3 grams and $24.00, so you are getting twice the product for $4.50 more. You are getting a good deal and also two different colors to work with.


Toss if: You have Briar Rose–these colors are similar
Try if: you feel like venturing beyond the natural pink blush–corals and purple-pink blushes are a good place to start
Buy if: you want a blush that can give you both subtle and bold color

Mighty Aphrodite Applied: Darker Shade on the Apples and Lighter Shade as a Highlighter

Amazon Princess Applied: Darker Shade in the Cheek Hollows and Lighter Shade on the Apples

Mineralize Skinfinishes

Packaging: 8.5/10

The MSFs come in a box decorated with Wonder Woman comic art. The inside of the boxes are blue with white stars.

The MSF compacts have red lids decorated with the Wonder Woman/MAC logo. Regular MSFs have tops with clear plastic so that you see the color inside, but these tops are not transparent. The bottom half of each compact is blue and on the inside, the plastic rim surrounding the MSF pan is gold. There is no mirror inside.

Because these are jumbo-sized, they are significantly more heavy than regular MSFs. The weight, coupled with the fact that there’s no mirror, make these unideal for carrying around.

Quality: 8.5/10

Both MSFs come with one bronzing color, one highlighting color, and one blush color.

The bronzing color in Pink Power is lighter than the one in Golden Lariat, but they are both warm-toned colors, which can make them a little more difficult to work with because you don’t want that orange-y fake tan look. Both bronzers have tiny shimmers in them, but on the skin they look matte.

The top colors in both MSFs are both nice highlighters and will give your cheeks a sheen without being over-the-top.

The pink blush color in Pink Power is pretty and shows up as a light pink on the skin. The blush color in Golden Lariat is very orange, so it would really only be suitable for darker, warm-toned skin.

Ease of use: 8.25/10

At first, I was really frustrated when trying to apply the MSF in Pink Power. The powder was going on unevenly and didn’t blend well. I tried again the next day using different brushes and got much better results. So, my suggestion is to use a fluffy brush for the bronzing color and a slightly denser blush brush for the blush color. If you use a contouring brush (i.e. a denser round brush) for the bronzer, you might get the unevenness and blending difficulty I had the first time around.

The other gripe I have is the design of the colors in the pan. It’s awkward to get your brush in just one color area. You have to squeeze your brush and carefully pick up each color so that your brush isn’t picking up two colors at a time.

Price: 9.5/10

Regular MSFs are 10 grams and $28.00 each. The Wonder Woman MSFs are 20 grams and $35.00 each. So, again, you are getting a good deal and 3 different colors to work with.


Toss if: You have very fair, cool-toned skin–the bronzers might be too warm for you
Try if: you have light or medium skin–the colors won’t show up on very dark skin
Buy if: you’re digging the packaging and want a 3-in-1 face product

Amazon Princess Applied: Bronzer on the Cheek Hollows and on the Jawline Under the Ear, Top Color as a Highlighter, Bottom Color on the Apples
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  1. Ellen Halvardsson says:

    yay so pretty

  2. Edina Halliday says:

    this launch is at our MAC now. cant wait to try it
    Thank you for the review

  3. Sarah Q says:

    I saw another blog post about this collection and someone picked up Mighty Aphrodite, I loved the swatches! I really want to pick this up but I’m not really sure if its worth it.

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