Review & Swatches: MAC Wonder Woman Eye Shadow Quads

Wonder Woman Defiance, Lady Justice, Valiant Eye Shadow Quads

MAC’s Wonder Woman collection includes 3 eye shadow quads ($40.00 each). Defiance is a set of purple and pink shadows, Lady Justice is a set of blue shadows, and Valiant is a set of green shadows.

For complete pictures and swatches, please read the Wonder Woman Eye Shadow Quads post. Click here for a video overview of the eye products.

Please Note: For the purpose of scoring, I am not including a judgment on the aesthetics of the packaging. Whether you like the packaging or not is a completely subjective preference. Particularly given the strong divide in opinion over this collection’s packaging, I don’t feel it’s appropriate to comment on it in the review. But feel free to express your opinion on the packaging in the comments!

Packaging: 9/10

These quads come in a box decorated with Wonder Woman comic art. The inside of the boxes are blue with white stars.

The quads have red tops with the Wonder Woman/MAC logo and blue bottoms. The plastic around the eye shadow pans is gold.

These quads are sturdy and lightweight, making them convenient and durable for taking on-the-go. Each palette also has a mirror, which is great for traveling.


Defiance: 7.5/10

The first shadow in this quad–Defiance–is a nice, shimmery, almost duo-chrome shade that goes on smoothly. The second shadow–Paradise Island–is sheer. You can only build up the color to a certain point, as you can see in the photos below. Star Studded and Real Drama both lack pigmentation, but can be good for a more subtle look. Just don’t expect to be able to get the color that you see in the pan when it comes to Paradise Island, Star Studded, and Real Drama.

Lady Justice: 8/10

The first color–Lady Justice–is a nice shimmery silver color. The second color–Insurmountable–is hands-down the winner in this palette. It is a matte grey color that looks beautiful on the lids. You do need to apply more than one layer to get the color to show well. Deep Truth and Bold Babe are both a little disappointing. Using a regular flat eye shadow brush, the application is uneven and the color isn’t pigmented. If you use a small, dense eyeliner brush, and layer the color, though, you can get the pigment to show.

Valiant: 7.5/10

The first color–Manila Paper–is a lovely highlighting color that goes on smoothly. The second color–Valiant–also goes on smoothly. It is a very light color and even though it looks light green in the pan, it really just looks like a soft, muted gold on the lids. Diana Undercover and Spinning Transformation go on unevenly and lack pigmentation.

Ease of Use

Defiance: 7.5/10

Defiance goes on easily without fallout. Paradise Island is very difficult to get pigmentation out of, so you’ll have to apply several layers simply to get it to show up. You can use Star Studded and Real Drama for a sheerer purple look, but you’ll really have to work with them and apply several layers if you want a pigmented look.

Lady Justice: 8/10

Lady Justice goes on easily with a nice shimmer. You may get a little bit of fallout. Insurmountable will go on smoothly, but you’ll probably want to apply 2-3 layers. Even though Deep Truth and Bold Babe apply unevenly, you can, surprisingly, get a pretty nice finish by applying a few layers and being patient with blending. Deep Truth is beautiful if you use a small, pointy, dense liner brush, as you can see in the photos below.

Valiant: 7.5/10

Manila Paper applies very smoothly and won’t cause fallout. Valiant also applies smoothly, though you won’t really be able to get a light green color out of it. Diana Undercover and Spinning Transformation are difficult to work with. They apply inconsistently and are chalky, making them difficult to blend.

Price: 8/10

Individual shadows are 1.5 grams and $14.50 each. The Wonder Woman quads have 5.8 grams of product for $40.00 each, which means you’re getting close to 4-times the product for less than 3-times the price.

This would typically be a good deal, but because each quad has 2 of 4 less-than-impressive shadows, I have to deduct points for price.


Defiance & Valiant


Lady Justice

Of the three quads, Defiance is the most difficult to work with. Although I stated in the overview video that I thought the Valiant quad applied the best, in practice, I found Lady Justice to actually be the easiest to work with. Regardless of which quad you use, applying a primer as a base will definitely help.

Toss if: you want no-hassle, pigmented colors
Try if: you’re willing to work a little with the colors or don’t mind a sheerer look
Buy: Lady Justice, especially if you have brown eyes–you can create a beautiful look, and Insurmountable is worth it!

Defiance Swatched

Defiance Applied

Lady Justice Swatched

Lady Justice Applied

Valiant Swatched

Valiant Applied
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3 Responses to Review & Swatches: MAC Wonder Woman Eye Shadow Quads

  1. maša says:

    they all look great on your eyes. 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  2. maša says:

    would be lady justice also good for green-brown eyes?

    • Allura says:

      Blues are beautiful for brown eyes, and I think would also be pretty on green-brown eyes. I will post looks I did using each of the quads soon so that you can see what they look like. 🙂

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