Review & Swatches: MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks & Lipglasses

Left to Right: Emancipation, Wonder Woman, Athena’s Kiss, Secret Identity,
Applied on Top of Marquise d’, Russian Red, Spitfire, Heroine

MAC’s Wonder Woman collection includes 4 lipsticks ($15.50 each) and 4 jumbo-sized lipglasses ($20.00 each). Each lipstick color has a corresponding lipglass color in the following pairings: Emancipation/Marquise d’, Wonder Woman/Russian Red, Athena’s Kiss/Spitfire, and Secret Identity/Heroine.

For complete pictures and swatches, please read the Wonder Woman Lipsticks and Lipglasses posts. Click here for a video overview of the lip products.

Please Note: For the purpose of scoring, I am not including a judgment on the aesthetics of the packaging. Whether you like the packaging or not is a completely subjective preference. Particularly given the strong divide in opinion over this collection’s packaging, I don’t feel it’s appropriate to comment on it in the review. But feel free to express your opinion on the packaging in the comments!


Packaging: 9/10
These lipsticks come in a red box that slides out of a cardboard sleeve decorated with Wonder Woman comic art. The inside of the boxes are blue with white stars.

The lipstick packaging is shaped like all lipstick tubes from the MAC line. The ones for this collection have red caps and blue bottoms. When you take the cap off, you will see gold plastic and a red decorative star.

Quality: 9.5/10
Across the board, these lipsticks are great. They are all pigmented and go on smoothly. Like with all MAC lipsticks, these have a faint vanilla scent.

Marquise d’ is a wonderful nude color that would be suitable for just about any skin color or tone. It has subtle sparkles and won’t wash you out like some nude lipsticks.

Russian Red is a vibrant, bold, opaque red and is perfect to use for a classic red lip. This red is blue-based, so it’s cool-toned. This color would look particularly beautiful on dark skin tones.

Spitfire is a magenta color and, like Russian Red, is vibrant and opaque. Because it’s a satin color, you’ll get a glossy finish.

Heroine is a sparkly bronze color more suitable for darker skin.

Ease of Use: 9/10
Marquise d’ is particularly easy to use because it’s a nude color. For Russian Red and Spitfire, I’d recommend using a lip brush or stiff angled eye liner brush. These two colors are so bold that you don’t have much room for error. You don’t need a lip brush for applying Heroine, but it’s also a strong color, so applying with a brush will give you more control.

Price: 9/10
MAC lipsticks are usually $14.50. These lipsticks cost a dollar more. The increase in cost makes sense, given the reality of licensing fees, and a dollar difference isn’t extreme, so these lipsticks get the same price score I usually give MAC lipsticks.


Remember that Russian Red is a permanent color. So if you aren’t a fan of the Wonder Woman packaging but like the color, avoid paying the extra $1 and pick one up from the regular line.

Toss if: you aren’t into the packaging
Try: Marquise d’–it’s a great nude color that will almost surely work with your skin color
Buy if: you’re neutral on or a fan of the packaging and like bold, opaque colors

Wonder Woman Lipsticks in Marquise d’, Russian Red, Heroine, Spitfire

Bare Lips

Marquise d’ Applied

Russian Red Applied

Spitfire Applied

Heroine Applied


Packaging: 7.5/10
These lipglasses, like the lipsticks, come in a red box that slides out of a cardboard sleeve decorated with Wonder Woman comic art. The inside of the boxes are blue with white stars.

The packaging design for these lipglasses is the same as for regular lipglasses, except that the tubes are much bigger. The caps are red and the tubes are decorated with the same Wonder Woman designs found on the other Wonder Woman items.

These lipglasses have doe-foot applicators. But these applicators are jumbo-sized, just like the tubes. The problem is that the size of the applicators makes them difficult to get out of the tube cleanly. You have to wiggle the applicator out slowly, and still, you’ll likely not be able to avoid splattering some of the gloss.

The size of these glosses makes them fun, but not very practical for carrying around.

Quality: 9.25/10
These lipglasses are all sparkly, go on smoothly, and aren’t sticky. They will last 2-3 hours on the lips if you don’t eat or drink.

Emancipation, Athena’s Kiss, and Secret Identity go on opaquely and evenly. Wonder Woman is less opaque, and as a result, the color can go on a little unevenly. If you want a true red color, you’ll need to build several layers or use Russian Red lipstick underneath.

Similar to the lipsticks, Emancipation is a great nude color and Athena’s Kiss is a bright fuchsia color. While the Heroine lipstick is more suitable for darker skin tones, Secret Identity is surprisingly wearable for a greater range of skin colors. Although it looks brown/bronze in the tube, the color applies more lightly on the lips, which means you can pull it off as a dark nude color with one layer, or a bronze color with 2 layers.

Ease of Use: 8.5/10
All the lipglasses go on easily and smoothly. The only color you may have to apply multiple coats of is Wonder Woman.

Unfortunately, because of the over-sized doe-foot, getting a precise application is more difficult than with normal lipglasses.

Price: 10/10
Regular lipglasses are $14.50 and 4.8 grams ($3.02/gram). These are $20.00 and 10.5 grams ($1.90/gram). You are getting twice as much product for much less than twice the money–a great deal!

Toss if: you want no-fuss packaging
Try if: you like sparkly glosses
Buy if: you want bright, sparkly colors and bang for your buck

Wonder Woman Lipglasses in Emancipation, Athena’s Kiss, Secret Identity, Wonder Woman

Emancipation Applied

Wonder Woman Applied

Athena’s Kiss Applied

Secret Identity Applied

The lipstick colors conveniently pair up with the lipglass colors. Here is what each corresponding color pairing looks like on the lips:

Emancipation Applied Over Marquise d’

Wonder Woman Applied Over Russian Red

Athena’s Kiss Applied Over Spitfire

Secret Identity Applied Over Heroine
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7 Responses to Review & Swatches: MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks & Lipglasses

  1. Zana says:

    These are the prettiest application photos that I’ve seen of these lip products! Very flattering! I picked up Marquise ‘D lipstick I hope it looks as good on me!

  2. Magali says:

    I have been going gaga over this line. Thanks for a gerat review.
    PS- I’m entering your giveaway too! 🙂

  3. Mirane says:

    These are the best swatches of WW I have come across – thanks so much. I’m a bit sceptic about getting any of the lipglasses due to the issue with getting the wand out of the tube – not very practical to use in the mornings or when I’m in a rush to go out (which I always am XD).

  4. Crishauna F says:

    This is my additional comment for the UD giveaway….U have one of the best blogs i have seen!! keep up the good work!

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