Review & Swatches: MAC Wonder Woman Opulash Mascaras

Wonder Woman Opulash Mascara Swatches:
Bad Bad Black, Themyscira, Victorious, Army of Amazons

MAC’s Wonder Woman collection includes 4 mascaras. Bad Bad Black is a true black, Themyscira is a bright navy blue, Victorious is a light purple, and Army of Amazons is a forest green.

For complete pictures and swatches, please read the Wonder Woman Opulash Mascaras post. Click here for a video overview of the eye products.

Please Note: For the purpose of scoring, I am not including a judgment on the aesthetics of the packaging. Whether you like the packaging or not is a completely subjective preference. Particularly given the strong divide in opinion over this collection’s packaging, I don’t feel it’s appropriate to comment on it in the review. But feel free to express your opinion on the packaging in the comments!

Packaging: 8.75/10

These products come in a red box that slides out of a cardboard sleeve decorated with Wonder Woman comic art. The inside of the boxes are blue with white stars.

They are shaped the same as MAC’s regular Opulash mascara tubes, except they are much larger, and have blue tubes with shiny red caps.

The one tiny negative about the packaging is that it seems unnecessary. I get that MAC chose to jumbo-size some of the Wonder Woman items to go along with the collection’s theme, but you don’t get any more product in these mascaras (both these and the regular Opulash mascaras are 11g), and yet the tubes are larger. It seems slightly unnecessary, but isn’t a huge negative.

Quality: 9/10

Opulash mascaras give you nice definition, length, and some (not a ton) of volume. They are fairly long-wearing and don’t clump even with more than one layer. Even after several hours, I did not see smudging or flaking.

MAC has managed to get these mascaras to be bright and pigmented, even after they’re applied to the lashes.

Bad Bad Black is, of course, a standard black color. Themyscira is a very nice navy blue color that you could wear every day. The blue will make the eyes look larger without being a crazy color. Victorious and Army of Amazons are also pigmented colors that show up on the lashes, though the colors make them less wearable compared to Bad Bad Black and Themyscira.

The colored mascaras do have a paint-like smell to them, most likely because of the colorant used to get them to be so bright.

Ease of Use: 9/10

The wand is big, so be more careful than you might otherwise be when applying. Otherwise, application is easy. You can put on 2-3 layers without worrying about clumps.

Price: 8.75/10

Regular Opulash mascaras are $14.00 each and are 11 grams. The Wonder Woman mascaras are $15.00 each and also 11 grams. The difference in price is apparently due to the extra costs for packaging. The difference isn’t huge, so it’s not a big negative against pricing.

Extra Credit: 0.5

I am giving these mascaras bonus points for being unique. It’s rare to see a company release quality colored mascaras, so if you’re into them, snag these while you can.


Toss if: you want big volume from your mascara
Try if: you want a little change from the usual brown or black mascara–Themyscira is a good choice
Buy if: you’re feeling adventurous and want eye-catching colored lashes

Bad, Bad, Black Applied

Themyscira Applied

Victorious Applied

Army of Amazons Applied
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8 Responses to Review & Swatches: MAC Wonder Woman Opulash Mascaras

  1. Kelly Commerford says:

    I have the exact same color eyes as the picture, and I’m liking the pop these colors all added. Might have to jump on the colored mascara bandwagon after all.

  2. Micah says:

    can anyone help me please?
    I’m still debating whether or not to get the zoom lash in Green is Green or the wonder woman opulash in Army of Amazons. I am completely torn between these two. please help!

  3. Zunaira Ali says:

    I have used this and I quite like it

  4. Fey says:

    Cool trick with all colored mascaras: lotion works as the best primer on lashes. The color will stick perfectly for more than one day. I would not recommend doing this if your eyes are sensitive, but for everyone else with dark lashes, this trick works really well. I got this mascara in Victorious. It’s a pretty gorgeous purple (and it sure seems popular)!

  5. Autumn says:

    I always am nervous to do colored mascaras but after this I might just consider. The colors seem very doable without looking too over the top. I am really loving that purple color.

  6. Ashlee says:

    The purple is GORGEOUS!

  7. Jade C. says:

    Actually, I think Victorious looks very wearable. When applied, the color doesn’t seem as daring, but still gives you this fresh, edgy vibe – I might try it sometime!

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