Review & Swatches: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, Concealer, Powder, and Blush

Price: $8-9 (foundation); $6.50-7.50 (concealer); $8-9 (powder); $5-6 (blush)
Availability: Target, WalMart, Ulta, Drugstores
Size: 1 fl oz / 30 ml (foundation); 0.23 fl oz / 6.8 ml (concealer); 0.3 oz / 9 g (powder); unknown (blush)

This review is for all 4 products in the Maybelline Fit Me line: the foundation (in 120 Classic Ivory), concealer (in 10 Light), powder (in 210 Sandy Beige), and blush (in Medium Coral).

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Packaging: 7/10
This foundation comes in a glass vial with a plastic cap. Because of the glass, the packaging is heavy and not ideal for traveling with. The vial has no pump, which makes it comparatively unsanitary to use.

Quality: 8.5/10
This is a liquid foundation with a thin consistency that reminds me of Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Foundation. Partly due to the thin consistency, you’ll get light-to-medium coverage. The foundation feels light on the skin and has a dewy finish, making it a good foundation for dry skin. If you have combination or oily skin, I strongly recommend setting the foundation with powder. With a powder to set, this foundation should last you all day.

Lastly, the foundation has an SPF of 18, which provides a decent amount of sun protection.

Ease of Use: 9/10
This foundation is very easy to use. For the smoothest coverage, apply it with your fingers. It’s a bit difficult to layer because the consistency is so thin, so you’ll need to use concealer if you have spots you want to cover.

Price: 8.5/10
For $8-9, this drugstore foundation is fairly priced. You get 1 oz of product, which is typical of drugstore foundations.

Toss if: you need a heavy-coverage foundation
Try if: you have dry skin
Buy if: you want a light-weight liquid foundation with sunscreen


Packaging: 9/10
The concealer comes in a clear, square, plastic tube. The packaging is lightweight and can be carried around easily for touch-ups. The wand has a doe-foot applicator.

Quality: 8.5/10
Used alone, this didn’t give me as much coverage as I would like. There wasn’t quite enough pigmentation to cover up under the eyes and on spots. Because the concealer is thin in consistency, layering also didn’t do much. This concealer definitely won’t hold up if you put foundation on top of it–it will simply wipe away.

But the great thing about this concealer is that it works very well with the Fit Me foundation. I feel it’s difficult to find concealers that blend well into foundations, so this concealer out-performs most others in that respect.

Ease of Use: 9/10
If you’re looking to use concealer just for spots, you might find this a little frustrating. The coverage is light and layering doesn’t build the pigmentation much. But for use on top of your foundation, this concealer blends in very nicely and the doe-foot applicator gives you precise application.

Price: 8.5/10
Again, for being a drugstore concealer, this product is fairly priced and comparable in terms of the price/size ratio.

Toss if: you want full coverage from your concealer
Try if: you have trouble blending in your concealer with your foundation
Buy if: you want a light-weight concealer to go on top of your foundation


Packaging: 8/10
The powder comes in a black plastic compact. When you open the compact, you will find the powder on the top layer and a powder puff and mirror stored underneath on a second layer. The product could probably do without the puff and second layer since using a powder puff isn’t as sanitary as using a brush that you clean regularly. It’s also deceiving because it looks like you are getting more product than you actually are; only after you open up the compact can you see that the powder occupies a thin top layer in the packaging.

Quality: 8/10
This is a sheer powder and, therefore, is better suited for setting your foundation. If you try to use the powder alone as foundation, you’ll get light coverage.

Looking at the powder, you can see tiny shimmers, but I did not notice any shimmer when the powder was applied. The powder’s mattifying effect isn’t anything special. It will help keep your skin matte for 2-3 hours and you will have to re-touch thereafter.

Ease of Use: 9/10
There’s nothing special you need to do to apply this powder. Just dip your brush in it and powder away.

Price: 8.5/10
The amount of product you get (0.3 oz) is average for a drugstore powder, as is this product’s price.

Toss if: you want a powder foundation with medium or full coverage
Try if: you don’t need a lot of coverage and just want a powder to even out your skin tone
Buy if: you want a setting powder and don’t need a long-term mattifying effect


Packaging: 8/10
This blush has purplish-black, sparkly packaging with a clear plastic flip-up top. It’s lightweight and would be good for traveling with.

The brush that comes with this product is fine if you’re in a pinch and don’t have a regular brush on hand, but I wouldn’t use it regularly–the bristles are scratchy and stiff.

Quality: 7/10
Medium Coral is a neutral, shimmery pink that has a hint of coral.

This blush is very sheer. Even with 4-5 layers, it still gave only a subtle effect on the cheeks. The sheerness of this blush is particularly problematic because this color is intended to be used by people with “medium” skin tones. I have light skin, and if the color is sheer on my skin, it will be even more difficult to see on darker skin.

Ease of Use: 8/10
You will have to apply several layers to get this color to show up.

Price: 8.5/10
Because neither the packaging nor Maybelline’s website say how much product you get, it’s difficult to say for sure if you’re getting your money’s worth, but it looks like you get pretty much what you do with other drugstore blushes at a comparable price.

Toss if: you want more than a sheer effect from your blush
Try if: you have light (not medium or dark) skin
Buy if: you want a subtle blush


I appreciate the Fit Me line and Maybelline’s attempt to simplify the process of finding the right makeup shades for each skin tone. Choosing the right shades can be intimidating, especially since you can rarely test out makeup items at drugstores before you buy them.

That said, I found that sticking with the corresponding numbers isn’t always the best choice. For example, I chose the foundation in 120, but the powder in 210. The powder in 120 was just too light for my skin. I also bought a blush from the medium line, even though I have light skin.

Basically, if you are new to makeup, Maybelline’s Fit Me line is a great way to pick out shades easily. Just stick with the numbering system and you should be fine. But if you are more experienced with makeup, don’t let the numbering system restrict you.

Fit Me Foundation Packaging

Fit Me Concealer Packaging

Fit Me Powder Packaging

Fit Me Powder in 210 Sandy Beige

Fit Me Powder Puff & Mirror

Fit Me Powder Ingredients

Fit Me Blush Packaging

Fit Me Blush in Medium Coral

Fit Me Blush Ingredients

Fit Me Products Applied in the Following Order: Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Blush

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7 Responses to Review & Swatches: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, Concealer, Powder, and Blush

  1. amy says:

    thank you, this review helped me make up my mind, I decided not to waste my money as I like quite a medium to full coverage foundations.
    great and detailed review x

  2. Abby says:

    Thank you so much for such this detailed review! I hadn’t made my mind up about buying these products, but after reading this info, I’ve decided to give it a try! Thank you again for the help! 😀

  3. Sarvani B says:

    I bought this foundation a week ago, and I have to say its ‘ok’. It blends in very well and helps out with my dry skin. The coverage is not so great, but good if you are just going out and about running errands this is tthe foundation for you !!
    Very helpful review btw 🙂

  4. Jasmine says:

    Thanks for the great review! Very in depth and it helps a lot.

  5. Johanna says:

    THIS IS SO HELPFUL!!! I was debating on whether to buy the foundation or not and you helped me make a decision! Thanks!

  6. ainhoa says:

    i always try to buy foundations from the drugstore but always pick the wrong colour… it’s so much easier when you can try it on. even then i am not very good at matching my foundation haha
    great review though

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