Review & Swatches: myface lil’ bling Nail Polishes

myface lil’ bling Nail Polishes: Purple Haze, Black Ice, Crystalline Green

This is a review for myface Cosmetics’ 3 nail polishes in Purple Haze, Black Ice, and Crystalline Green. These polishes are part of myface’s blingbar line, are $10.00 each and can be purchased on

Please also see the review for myface’s blingtone eye shadows in the same shades.

Packaging: 9/10

These polishes come in cylindrical glass bottles with plastic silver tops. The handle is wide and the brush is shorter than most. The brush bristles are also plastic.

Quality: 9.25/10

All of the polishes in the lil’ bling line have chromatic finishes. Purple Haze is a sugary purple, Black Ice is a blend of dark greys, silver, crushed onyx, and diamonds, and Crystalline Green is a metallic green with edgy grey undertones.

All of these colors are great for Spring/Summer. The polish goes on smoothly and fairly evenly. You can definitely stop at 1 coat if you’re ok with a less-than-opaque finish. For completely solid color, all you need is 2 coats. The thinner formulation also means that the drying time is shorter.

The thin formulation is also good for long wear. Thicker formulas tend to lift off the nails sooner. These polishes will last 4-5 days with a good topcoat.

Ease of Use: 9.25/10

The short brush/wand really gives you control over application. My one criticism is that the packaging means you get a wide handle, which makes application a little awkward. But, otherwise, the polishes go on smoothly and evenly.

Price: 8/10

These polishes are 0.5 fl oz and cost $10.00 each. This is a typical size for nail polishes but a more expensive price compared to other high-end polish brands like OPI.

Final Grade


Toss if: you want matte polishes
Try if: you want perfect polishes for Spring/Summer
Buy if: you want high-quality chromatic colors

Purple Haze Applied (1 Coat)

Black Ink Applied (1 Coat)

Crystalline Green Applied (1 Coat)

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7 Responses to Review & Swatches: myface lil’ bling Nail Polishes

  1. Lisa B. says:

    Ooh, now nails is one place I WILL do glitter–the myface lil’ bling eyeshadows are too much, but I could go for these…a bit pricey but for a one-coat polish, I think I may cave. That’s pretty good coverage for one coat.

  2. Vittoria says:

    not a fan of all that shine/shimmer.

  3. Doreen Riopel says:

    The colours are awesome and they sound like great quality. That is what counts for me.

  4. Soesje200 says:

    only one coat? that looks good 

  5. Deja says:

    Black Ink looks great!!! Lovely colors!!!

  6. Liz says:

    wow i love these colors! crystalline green is nice.

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