Review & Swatches: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Glosses

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Glosses in Sunset Peach, Hot Pink, Strawberry

Price: $6-8
Availability: Drugstores, Target, Walmart
Size: 5.9ml / 0.2 fl oz

Company’s Description

Lips that shine with killer color. This weightless gloss makes lips pop with 5X more shine than patent leather.
A pop of weightless color with vivid, mirror-like shine. Outshines everything but you!
•Micro-crystal formula for 5X the shine of patent leather
•Plush applicator shaped to curves of your lips for smooth, even application of color
•ColorBurst’s Elasticolor™ technology for rich color with a weightless feel
•Moisturizers and anti-oxidants such as sweet almond oil and vitamin E conditions and improves lip texture

ColorBurst Lip Glosses are Revlon’s newest line of lip glosses and come in 15 shades.

Packaging: 7.5/10
These glosses come in thin, square plastic tubes with matte black tops that have a crosshatch design. The tubes are lightweight and portable.

This gloss has a unique doe-foot applicator. The doe-foot is pinched so that it is just as wide as other applicators, but is not as thick (see photo below). I’m not sure what the purpose of having this kind of applicator is. It does not make the application onto your lips any more precise and also makes the doe-foot a little flimsy.

The stopper in the tube also seems to prevent sufficient product from getting on the applicator, which means you have to re-insert the applicator in order to get enough lip gloss to cover your lips.

Quality: 6.5/10
This “killer color” lip gloss is quite frustrating. The problem with the effect you get on your lips is difficult for me to explain. The colors are pigmented, yet the finish is not opaque. This creates a strange result that I’ve never really encountered with a lip gloss before. You end up with a lot of color but also a streaky application. You have to apply several layers to try to get the color consistently applied. The color also settles into the lines in your lips, which emphasizes the uneven opacity of the gloss.

These glosses have a ton of glitter. On the positive side, the glitters are very fine and you don’t feel it on your lips. On the negative side, this glitter is almost impossible to get off. Even when I used a good makeup remover and swiped my lips 4-5 times, I still could not get all the glitter off my lips. I also ended up with glitter around my mouth.

This gloss is not particularly sticky and wears like most other lip glosses.

Ease of Use: 6/10
I found this gloss difficult and frustrating to apply. You need to apply multiple layers to get read of the streakiness that results because of the lack of the gloss’s opacity.

You also need to spend a lot of time applying it precisely. Because the colors are so bright and pigmented, it’s very noticeable if you don’t apply it exactly along your lip-line. It took me 1-2 full minutes and many applications to get the application looking good enough for the photos below. If you do make a mistake, it’s difficult to undo because the glitter in the gloss is almost impossible to remove.

Price: 8/10
The ColorBurst glosses are at an average price-point for drugstore glosses, maybe slightly more expensive. There are plenty of drugstore lip glosses at the same price, though, that are not so difficult to apply and have a consistent color finish.


Overall, these glosses are simply too hard to work with and give too much of an inconsistent finish to give a good grade.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Gloss Names

ColorBurst Lip Gloss Swatches: Sunset Peach, Hot Pink, Strawberry

Sunset Peach Applicator (side view)

Hot Pink Applicator

Strawberry Applicator

Bare Lips

ColorBurst Lip Gloss in Sunset Peach (5-6 applications)

ColorBurst Lip Gloss in Hot Pink (5-6 applications)

ColorBurst Lip Gloss in Strawberry (5-6 applications)
Toss if: you want a no-hassle lipgloss
Try if: you want the gloss in one of the lighter shades–the lighter colors are more forgiving since you don’t notice the lack of opacity or unevenness as much
Buy if: there’s a color in this range you just have to have and you’re ready to work to get it to look right on the lips
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4 Responses to Review & Swatches: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Glosses

  1. Tania Contreras says:

    I actually have one of these in Bordeaux which is just like a maroon-ish color and I really love it, I’m surprised you gave these a D…I guess it just depends

  2. Noelle says:

    In the last on I can see where it settled into your lips and I dislike the fact that you had to apply it 6 times for the proper coloring. I have full lips and glittery lips are just not my thing but I do like the look however I’m not impressed. Thanks for the review.

  3. Lisa B. says:

    Huh…I nearly bought one of these last week, and now I’m glad I didn’t! I may try one eventually, but maybe it’s not worth the trouble. 🙂

  4. ally says:

    i have hot pink and strawberry, and i personally have no trouble with these glosses, no streakiness or trouble applying or even multiple coats. i guess it depends on the persons lips, each gloss is different for each person =/

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