Review & Swatches: Smashbox Sultry/Sweet Glambox–Part II

Smashbox Sultry/Sweet Glambox

This is the second part of a 2-part review for Smashbox’s Sultry/Sweet Glambox set. This review covers the eye products included in the set:

  • Eye Shadow Quad in Softly Seductive
  • Limitless Eye Liner in Smoke
  • Hyperlash Mascara in Blackout

Part I covers the face and lip products.

Because these items come as a set, I will review and score each item separately, but will be giving an overall grade for the set.

This set can be purchased from for $68.

Company’s Description

Sultry vixen tonight, sweet charmer tomorrow morning. Whatever the mood, satisfy your dual personalities with this all-in-one kit. FREE step-by-step guide!


All of the items come in a box decorated with photos of the items you’ll find inside and a model wearing both “sweet” and “sultry” looks.

Eye Shadow Quad: 9/10
These shadows come in a plastic, circular container that has a twist-off top.

Limitless Eye Liner: 9.5/10
This eye liner comes in pencil form. This packaging gets bonus points because it has a sharpener in the cap.

Hyperlash Mascara: 9/10
This mascara comes in a black plastic tube. The applicator is also plastic and has very short plastic bristles.


Eye Shadow Quad: 8.75/10
This quad has neutral colors that are great for subtle looks and day-wear. All of the colors are shimmery, and I wish at least one of them was matte. But the shimmers aren’t over-the-top, so it’s not a huge negative.

The colors apply smoothly and have decent pigmentation, but the colors are subtle so after they’re applied, the colors blend together.

Limitless Eye Liner: 8.25/10
When I swatched this liner, the black color wasn’t very intense, so I expected the finish to be weak when applied to the eyes. But, actually, the black color is pretty strong when applied to the eyes. I do wish the liner were softer though; it sort of tugs at the eye.

Hyperlash Mascara: 8/10
This is a decent mascara, but doesn’t do anything dramatic. One good thing about this mascara is that it resists clumping. My biggest criticism is the applicator. The combination of the bristles being plastic and short means that they scratch my eye while I’m applying the mascara.

Ease of Use

Eye Shadow Quad: 8.5/10
These colors apply smoothly, but you’ll probably end up applying multiple layers of the lighter colors.

Limitless Eye Liner: 8.5/10
This isn’t the smoothest liner, so it does tug a little on the skin, but otherwise the application is easy.

Hyperlash Mascara: 9/10
I didn’t encounter any problems applying this mascara, other than the applicator scratching a little.

Price: 8.75/10

You get 8 items in this set (1 of which is travel-sized) for $68. Based on the cost of the items separately, Smashbox says the value of this set is $190. Although a couple of the items aren’t must-haves, there are several great products in the set and $68 is a very reasonable price to pay for them.


Eye Shadow Quad Packaging

Eye Shadow Quad in Softly Seductive

Eye Shadow Quad Swatches

Eye Shadow Quad Applied

Limitless Eye Liner in Smoke

Limitless Eye Liner in Smoke

Limitless Eye Liner Sharpener

Limitless Eye Liner Swatches

Hyperlash Mascara in Blackout

Hyperlash Mascara Applicator

All Glambox Items Applied

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