Review & Swatches: Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV

Limited Edition
Release Date: Currently Available
Price: $64.00
Availability: Urban Decay & Sephora

Company’s Description

Long-awaited… and FINALLY here. Hypnotic butterflies and lasers swirl over 16 shadows (10 NEW!). Use your phone to access how-to videos for this palette’s looks.

This much-awaited collection of 16 neutral, smoldering and vibrant Eyeshadows (10 never-before-seen!) features a Book of Shadows first – a portable speaker and how-to videos revealing five new looks that we created exclusively for this palette. In this phenomenal cache, a range of shimmery hues flash subtle brilliance while glittery shades tempt the eye. White, taupe and nude tones cast an ethereal glow, alongside pale greens and blues with the sheen of sea glass. Wear these airy shades to elevate a wide range of day looks, and then create smudged and deeply shadowed nighttime effects with this palette’s array of deep blacks, greys, browns, purples and greens. Also included are a full-size 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, a travel-size Eyeshadow Primer Potion and a travel-size Supercurl Curling Mascara.

Instantly download five how-to videos to your phone! All you need is a camera and a web browser to scan our QR (quick response) codes. And there’s an added bonus: a portable speaker that delivers big sound. The sleek, purple device easily attaches to your keychain so you can whip it out whenever you demand better sound from your phone and MP3 player.

Urban Decay’s new Book of Shadows IV contains a total of 16 eye shadows (10 of which are new): Baked (shimmering bright copper), Bender (shimmering dark mossy green), Blue Bus (bright blue w/ purple shimmer), Bust (taupe brown w/subtle gray shimmer), Cobra (sooty black w/golden shimmer), Crystal (light silvery blue w/multi-dimensional shimmer), Gravity (deep vibrant purple w/ multi-dimensional glitter), Gunmetal (dark metallic silver w/silver sparkle), Hijack (greyish green w/blue and green shimmer), Lost (shimmering dark brown), Midnight Cowgirl (shimmering gold w/gold sparkle), Midnight Rodeo (metallic medium brown w/silver and gold glitter), Missionary (light taupe w/pink shimmer), Sin (shimmering champagne), Skimp (shimmering ultra-light nude), and Zephyr (shimmering off-white).

It also includes travel sizes of Perversion 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (carbon black), the Original Eyeshadow
Primer Potion (nude), and Supercurl Curling Mascara (black).

Packaging: 8/10

Like all of Urban Decay’s Book of Shadow palettes, this one comes in a multi-level cardboard box with a flip-up compartment featuring a medium-sized mirror and pop-up butterfly design, along with a slide-out drawer containing the shadows and other makeup items.

The artwork on the palette is beautiful. Visually, this is my favorite BOS so far. But the packaging is bulky. The palette is the size and weight of a small, hardcover textbook. The drawer doesn’t slide out smoothly. The portable speaker included in the palette fits awkwardly. Overall, the packaging is not designed very well and won’t be convenient for traveling with.

Quality: 8.75/10

This BOS contains 10 new eye shadows and 6 veteran colors. Urban Decay’s shadows are usually very smooth and pigmented. This, for the most part, holds true for this palette. The only colors I had any trouble with were Crystal and Skimp, and even then, the quality is still good (they just don’t apply as easily as the other colors).

This palette has a good mix of both neutral and vibrant colors. The first 2 rows feature colors you’d use for a vibrant look or smoky eye. The bottom 2 rows contain neutral colors.

My biggest criticism of this palette is that all the shadows are frosty–there are no matte finishes. I really wish Urban Decay would get better at integrating matte colors into their palettes. When you have 16 colors, there just isn’t an excuse for not having at least a couple of matte shadows.

Sin and Missionary swatch similarly, as do Skimp and Zephyr.

Ease of Use: 9.75/10

These shadows are soft, apply smoothly, and have strong pigmentation. Use the Urban Decay Primer Potion under the shadow, and you’ll get an intense finish and long-lasting color.

Price: 9.25/10

You get 12.8 g of eye shadow, plus extras, for $64. One regular Urban Decay shadow at 1.5 g costs $17, so even discounting the travel-sized items included in this palette, you’re getting a phenomenal deal. Of course, you don’t get the freedom of choosing which 16 shades you want, and you won’t be able to get any matte shades.

Final Grade


Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV

Swatches: Blue Bus, Gunmetal, Cobra, Baked

Swatches: Bender, Gravity, Lost, Hijack

Swatches: Midnight Cowboy, Sin, Midnight Rodeo, Crystal

Swatches: Bust, Missionary, Skimp, Zephyr

Perversion 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Applicator

Swatch of Perversion 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Supercurl Curling Mascara

Portable Speaker
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7 Responses to Review & Swatches: Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV

  1. Zayra says:

    Lovely swatches as always

  2. soesje200 says:

    I agree with the previous commenter that the speaker thing is weird… just a reason for upping the price I guess… colors are nice but I rather have a palette with some mattes included

  3. Angela says:

    I got it! I wrote a review of it on Facebook – and overall I was happy with the palette, though I myself am a fan of matte colors a bit more than shimmers. The only thing is that only after 3 uses (maybe 2 hours total) the little portable speaker DIED. I have no idea how to fix it.

    The QR codes are on a little card, so it’s portable. The only problem is that they’re printed on a super glossy cardstock, so my phone had big issues scanning the codes for the videos. That plus the little speaker dying after barely any use….I’m kinda bummed.

    I am not the biggest fan of the mascara, either. It doesn’t really seem to be any better than any normal mascara. I get more lengthening and volume from BUXOM. The liquid liner is really smooth, but takes a while to dry, so you can smudge it around a little (shown in one of the tutorials). Other than that, I am excited to try out all the shimmery tones. They are all right on trend, anyhow. 🙂

  4. Lisa B. says:

    Oh, forgot to ask, what do you think of the mascara and liner? (Not that it isn’t already a good price without the travel items, but…)

  5. Lisa B. says:

    The portable speaker business honestly seems really weird, along with the code to download stuff to your phone. I guess I really need to start getting used to those QR codes though. If the speaker works, too, then this is a really, REALLY good deal…I really would have preferred some matte or at least lower shimmer shadows, though. And I don’t think that Sin/Missionary and Skimp/Zephyr are really different enough to justify them both being in the palette…then again, they all would be good highlighter shades, so I guess that’s better than having too many dark/liner colors.

    • Lisa B. says:

      When you try out the speaker, will you tell us how it is? 😉 At least it is detachable–for a second there I thought it was attached to the palette! I guess they are trying to be “high-tech” or something? Appeal to the gadget-lovers?
      And I guess a QR code for the phone could be convenient–it just seems like they could have included a booklet or something, unless they really expect you to lug the palette around with you…

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