Review: Wet n Wild Color Icon “Petal Pusher” Eye Shadow Palette

Wet n Wild Color Icon Petal Pusher Palette

This is a review for Wet n Wild’s Color Icon “Petal Pusher” eye shadow palette. This palette is available for $4.99 at drugstores and WalMart.

Company’s Description

Eight dynamic, perfectly color-coordinated shades with high pigment and pearl for ultra-impact color. Shades can be used together or individually to create an endless variety of looks.

Packaging: 9/10

This palette comes in a plastic compact with a clear, flip-up top that snaps shut. The palette is lightweight and good for traveling with.

Quality: 9/10

These shadows are mostly soft, well-pigmented, and apply smoothly. The colors in the left column of the palette are slightly lower performing than the rest of the colors, but even then, they are pretty good. Unlike the blacks in the “Blue Had Me At Hello” palette, the shimmers in the black color with this palette show up prominently.

I am quite impressed with how soft to the touch these shadows are. They have good pigmentation and are great to apply.

In my review of “Blue Had Me At Hello,” I stated that each color was great individually and in conjunction with the other colors in the palette. For “Petal Pusher,” it’s not that the colors don’t go together, it’s just that the left column has consistent purple colors, and the right column is mostly browns. Purples and browns definitely go together, but I think the palette could do with a couple more dark purple colors, to stay consistent.

The biggest negative about this palette has nothing to do with the shadows themselves. The double-ended brush that comes with this palette has a sponge applicator on one end and a slanted brush on the other. The sponge applicator is like most others, but the brush is very low quality and I can’t see it being used for any type of application effectively.

Ease of Use: 9.25/10

These shadows, overall, go on smoothly and evenly. The only slight exceptions are the lighter colors on the left side of the palette. For those, you may have to layer a few times to get the intensity you want.

Price: 10/10

You cannot get a better deal than this. You get 8 shadows for $5–less than $1 for each color! You are absolutely getting more than you pay for.


Toss if: you want extremely intense purple shadows or dark purple colors
Try if: you always buy high-end products and want to venture into drugstore brands
Buy if: you’re on a budget and want great light purple eye shadows

Petal Pusher Colors

Petal Pusher Swatches

Petal Pusher Swatches: Left Column

Petal Pusher Swatches: Right Column
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4 Responses to Review: Wet n Wild Color Icon “Petal Pusher” Eye Shadow Palette

  1. Deja says:

    I always enjoy Wet ‘n’ Wild shadows and this palette is no exception. I need to give more purple shadows a buy, so I might pick this up. The 3rd color on the left is my favorite, very lovely shade. Great review!!

  2. Lucy says:

    i love these colors!
    Thank you=)

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